Personalized buttons

If you frequently perform the same routine operations with messages, then you can add additional buttons in the upper menu of the mailbox to streamline these actions into a single click.

To open the settings:

  1. Place the mouse over the upper menu above the message list.
  2. Click the icon that appears.

Here you can set up the following operations:

  • Archive—move a message to the Archive.
  • Forward—send a message to a specified email address.
  • Move to folder—move a message to a specified folder.
  • Label—mark a message with a specified label.
  • Autoreply — reply to the email using a template .

To edit a button, click the icon in the upper right corner of the button. If you want to reset the changes to the button, simply click it.

Once all the buttons are set up as needed, click Done.

You can always change the personalized buttons by clicking in the mailbox top menu.