Standard folders

The following standard folders are available in the mailbox:

  • Inbox. All new email (except spam and messages that are automatically moved to other folders).

  • Sent. All emails you sent.

  • Remind me later. Messages to return to later.
  • Trash. All messages that you manually deleted or that were deleted with by automatic message sorting.

  • Spam. Email identified as spam.

  • Drafts. Drafts of emails and templates.

  • Outbox. Emails that were not sent because the internet connection was interrupted. Once the internet connection is restored, the emails will be sent automatically.
  • Archive. Folder for old emails.
    Note. If the Archive doesn't contain any messages, the folder is not displayed. To move a message to this folder, right-click the message and choose Archive.

The standard labels do not change and cannot be deleted.

Personal folders

To add a personal folder, click Create folder under the folder list. You can add several personal folders, which are shown under the Inbox.

You can edit your personal folders on the Folders and labels page:

  • Create folders inside the Inbox folder.
  • Rename, empty, or delete folders.
  • Mark all emails in the folder as read.
  • Create filters for automatic sorting of emails.
Note. You can create up to 1017 personal folders with up to 32 nested levels.

Sorting a list of personal folders

Personal folders in a list can be moved and reordered. To do this, drag the folder to a new place in the folder list.

By default, personal folders are sorted in alphabetical order. If you move one folder, the alphabetic order can't be automatically restored. But you can manually drag the folder to its previous location. New folders are then displayed at the bottom of the list and not in alphabetical order.

Folders I created have disappeared

Check that the folders you created are in the list of all folders in your mailbox settings. If they are there, but you don't see them in the email list:

  • The option show only folders with unread messages is enabled in mailbox settings. Go to Other, disable this option, and save the changes.
  • The list of personal folders is collapsed. Click the corresponding icon to expand it.

Move an email to a folder

To move messages to another folder, select them and click To folder in the top menu or drag to the folder's name in the list to the left. You can also move emails between folders by setting up an automatic email sorting filter.

Note. As you move an email into a folder, you will see this message pop up: “Move messages like this into this folder?”. If you answer “Yes”, an auto-sorting filter will be created. You can change or remove your filters on the email filters page.

If the Archive folder does not contain any messages, it will not be displayed in the list of folders. To move a message to this folder, right-click the message and choose Archive.

If you can't move a message to another folder, refresh the page by clicking Ctrl+F5. If the problem persists, clear the browser cache and delete all cookies. Then try the action again.

Configure automatic sorting of emails by folder

If you receive a lot of messages from various senders (such as from work, friends, and social networks), you can use Yandex Mail to sort them into folders. To learn how to set up automatic sorting of emails, see this article.

Email messages are deleted or sorted into folders automatically

Make sure there are no mail filters that delete incoming messages or move them to other folders. If this is the case, temporarily disable them and check if messages arrive in your Inbox folder.

If there is a filter that you didn't create, it was probably created automatically. This can happen if you move an email to another folder and click “Yes” on a pop-up that says “Move these types of emails?”

Delete all email in a folder

  1. In the upper-right corner, click  → All settings.
  2. Choose Folders and labels.
  3. Select a folder and click Empty.
  4. Choose if you want to move email to the Trash or delete them permanently.
    Note. You can't restore email you permanently delete.
  5. Click Empty.