Mail processing rules

You can set the filters Yandex Mail will use when automatically processing incoming mail.

Create and configure filters

After you set up filters, incoming emails will be processed automatically.

Sort emails into folders

With Yandex Mail, you can have messages from different senders sorted into folders.

Forward emails automatically

Set up email forwarding from Yandex Mail to one or more mailboxes.

Set up notifications

Receive notifications about new messages in Yandex Mail to another email address.

Use auto-replies

If you are unavailable, Yandex Mail will send an automatic message.

A filter doesn't work

This step-by-step guide will help you resolve issues related to automatic email processing.

Note. The specified filters will only be applied to new emails. Emails that are already in your mailbox are not processed automatically. If you want to apply a filter to existing emails, click Apply filter to existing messages on the page where you create and edit filters.