Group by subject

To navigate your emails easily, you can enable the  → Group messages by threads option. Your emails will be grouped into message threads. To expand or collapse a list of messages in a thread, click the subject of the message. To view an email in a thread, click on the line that contains this email.

What you can do with email threads

The message thread displays all emails grouped by a selected subject, even if they have different recipients or senders, or are in different folders. Messages are only grouped by subject. Senders and recipients do not factor into grouping.

Note. Note that the messages stored in the Spam, Deleted and Drafts folders are never grouped.

You can also move within a message thread by using the message page.

To ungroup messages, go to  → Group messages by threads and disable the option.

What you can do with emails inside threads

Restriction. Messages can be managed within a thread if you enable the open message in list of messages option.

You can manage all emails in a thread together (for example, mark all as read, delete or forward them all). To do this, click  in the email menu.