Location and organization names

This section provides standard official names for places and organizations (depending on the category ) that don't have proper names.

For such cases, only the object type is set as the official name. Don't set names for captions on the map or other types of names.

Category name: Official name

for an unnamed item:

Attractions Attractions
Departure-arrival board Departure-arrival board
Departure-Arrival Board Departure-Arrival Board
Place for Memorial Events Place for Memorial Events
Archives Archives
Customs warehouses Customs warehouses
Consumer protection offices Consumer protection offices
State supervisory agencies State Supervisory Agencies
Statistical organizations Statistical organizations
Road safety equiptment Road safety equiptment
Bureaus of deeds Bureaus of deeds
Treasury departments Treasury departments
Title agencies Title agencies
Customs Customs
Departments of corrections Departments of corrections
Road construction and repairs Road Construction
Patent services Patent services
Certification production and services Certification of Products
Weights/measures and standards organizations Weights/measures and standards organizations
Construction and engineering supervision Construction Supervision
Inspection offices Inspection offices
Licensing agencies Licensing agencies
Border control Border Control
Coworking Coworking
Business centers Business centers
Conference rooms Conference rooms
Technopark Technopark
Business Incubator Business Incubator
The Armenian Apostolic Church Armenian Church
Catholic churches Catholic churches
Orthodox churches Orthodox churches
Monasteries Monasteries
Protestant churches Protestant churches
Mosques Mosques
Synagogue Synagogue
Pagodas Pagodas
Religious associations Religious associations
Geology, geophysics Geology, geophysics
Hydrometeorology Hydrometeorology
Map production Map production
Design bureaus Design bureaus
Scientific research organizations NGO
Research institutions Research institutions
Clubs for children and youth. Clubs for children and youth.
Child development centers Child development centers
Learning centers Learning centers
Extracurricular education Extracurricular education
Computer courses Computer courses
Foreign language courses Language Courses
Photography school Photography school
Professional qualification centers Professional qualification centers
Art schools Art schools
Choir, choral studios Choral Studio
Musical education Musical education
Dancing school Dancing school
Business schools Business schools
Accounting courses Accounting courses
Trainings Trainings
Courses and masterclasses Courses and masterclasses
Security Guard School Security Guard School
Sunday School Sunday School
Schools for expectant mothers Schools for expectant mothers
Sport schools Sport School
Career development centers Career development centers
Choreography School Choreography School
Relgious educational institutions Relgious educational institutions
Theatrical and circus schools Theater Schools
Community colleges Community colleges
Technical schools Technical schools
Pre-college programs (uchilishche) Pre-college programs (uchilishche)
Day care facilities Day care facilities
Military or cadet schools Military School
Schools for ill children Schools for ill children
Preparatory schools Preparatory schools
Math and Science High School Math and Science High School
Grade schools Schools
Private schools Private schools
Boarding schools Boarding schools
Elementary schools Elementary schools
Institutions of higher education Institutions of higher education
Conservatory Conservatory
Hospitals for adults Hospital
Military hospitals Military hospitals
Children's hospitals Children's hospitals
Children's clinics Children's clinics
Preventative medicine clinic Preventative medicine clinic
Women's health clinic Women's health clinic
Infirmaries Infirmaries
Clinics for adults Clinic
Maternity hospitals Maternity Clinic
Specialized hospitals Specialized Hospital
Emergency room Emergency room
Blood donation centers Blood donation centers
Hospices Hospices
Morgues Morgues
Emergency medical services Ambulance Services
Weapons and self defense-related items Self-Defense
Liquor stores Alcohol Store
Mineral water stores Water
Beer shops Beer
Tobacco and smoking accessories stores Tobacco
Consignment stores Consignment Store
Radio and electronics stores Radio Components
Sex shops Sex shops
Vape shops Vape shops
Assorted goods stores Mixed Products
Fixed price stores Fixed Price Products
Moonshine Stills Moonshine Stills
Eggs and poultry Eggs and Poultry
Honey and bee products Beekeeping products
Products for diabetics and those on special diets Dietary Products
Bakeries Bakeries
Delis and markets Cooking
Grocery stores Grocery stores
Sushi and Asian food stores Sushi
Coffee and tea stores Tea, Coffee
Dairy products stores Milk
Ice cream stores Ice cream stores
Meat and sausage stores Meat
Fruit and Vegetable Store Fruit and Vegetables
Bakeries, bread stores Bread and baked goods stores
Fish stores Fish
Supermarkets Supermarkets
Grocery supercenters Grocery supercenters
Cafeterias Cafeterias
Fast food Fast Food
Hookah bars Hookah bars
Sports bars Sports bars
Coffee shops Coffee shops
Food and meal delivery Food Delivery
Cafès Cafès
Pizzerias Pizzerias
Restaurants Restaurants
Sushi bars Sushi bars
Banquet halls Banquet halls
Pharmacies Pharmacies
Medicinal herbs, supplements Medicinal Herbs
Medical supply stores Medical Supply Store
Orthopedic store Orthopedic store
Libraries Libraries
Tax inspection Tax inspection
Military enlistment offices Military enlistment offices
Housing for rent on a daily basis Housing for rent on a daily basis
Hotels Hotels
Camping Camping
Dormitories Dormitories
Hostels Hostels
Yacht clubs Yacht clubs
Diving Diving
Sports facilities Sports facilities
Sports and fitness clubs Athletic Club
Golf clubs Golf clubs
Archery Club, Shooting Range Shooting club
Tennis clubs Tennis clubs
Air flight clubs Air flight clubs
Squash Court Squash Court
Indoor Skydiving Indoor Skydiving
Curling Clubs Curling Clubs
Mini Golf Mini Golf
Climbing Wall Climbing Wall
Athletic fields, workout areas not used
Tennis Court Tennis Court
Garbage sites not used
Animal lovers clubs Animal lovers clubs
Internet cafes Internet cafes
Creative groups Creative groups
Anti cafes Anti cafes
Winter Recreation Winter Recreation
Karaoke clubs Karaoke clubs
Quests Quests
Music clubs Music clubs
Dating services Dating services
Tourist clubs Tourist clubs
Erotic massage parlor Erotic Massage Parlor
Zoos Zoos
Animal Kennel Animal Kennel
Parks of culture and recreation Parks of culture and recreation
Amusement parks Amusement parks
Amusement Ride Amusement Ride
Adventure Park Adventure Park
Children's play rooms and playgrounds not used
Beach Beach
Theater Theater
Circuses Circuses
Film distribution companies Film Distribution Company
Film studios Film studios
Cinemas Cinemas
Concert halls Concert halls
Symphony Hall Symphony Hall
Exhibition center Exhibition center
Museums Museums
Planetariums Planetariums
Dog parks not used
Filling station Filling station
Car Charging Station Charging Station
Traffic Police Post Traffic Police Post
Disease control and prevention services Disease Control and Prevention Service
Patient transportation services. Patient transportation services.
AIDS prevention centers AIDS prevention centers
Medical commissions Medical Boards
Alternative medicine Alternative medicine
Vision correction Vision correction
Speech pathologists Speech pathologists
Medical and social assessment Disability assessment centers
Medical laboratories Medical Laboratory
In-Home Medical Care In-Home Medical Care
Psychotherapy services Psychotherapy services
Forensic medical analysis Forensic Examination
Private practitioners Private practitioners
Diagnostic centers Diagnostic centers
Addiction and substance abuse center Addiction and substance abuse center
Rehabilitation centers Rehabilitation centers
Urological centers Urological centers
Infant food dispensaries Infant food dispensaries
Plastic surgery Plastic surgery
Family Planning Center Family Planning Center
Perinatal Center Perinatal Center
Salt Cave Salt Cave
Dental laboratories Dental laboratories
Dental practices Dental clinics
State dental clinics Dental clinics
Veterinary pharmacies Veterinary Pharmacy
Veterinary clinics Veterinary Clinic
Veterinary laboratory Veterinary Laboratory
Veterinary medications and equipment Veterinary Medications
Laboratories performing veterinary health analyses Veterinary Health Analysis Laboratory
Contact lenses Lenses
Eyewear store Optometry clinics
Departments of education Departments of education
Administrations Administrations
Ministries, departments, public service organizations State Department
Councils of deputies Councils of deputies
Prosecutor's offices Prosecutor's offices
Courts Courts
Baliffs Baliffs
Justice of the Peace Justice of the Peace
Arbitral Tribunal Arbitral Tribunal
State Traffic Police State Traffic Police
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Division Driver and Vehicle Licensing Division
National security organizations National Security Organization
Investigative Committee Investigative Committee
Extra-departmental security Extra-departmental security
Neighborhood watch points Neighborhood Watch Point
Police (militia) departments Police Department
Police departments Police Department
Radiation monitoring Radiation monitoring
Rescue services Rescue services
Civil defense Civil defense
Fire and rescue services Fire Department
Civil registry offices Civil registry offices
Passport and Immigration Services Passport service
Payment Center Payment Centers
Multi-function centers Multi-function centers
Psychiatric clinic Psychiatric clinic
Employment centers Employment centers
Nursing care Nursing care
Non-governmental social welfare organizations Non-Governmental Social Welfare Organization
Homeless shelters Homeless shelters
Children's shelters Children's shelters
Children's Home Children's Home
Homes for the disabled or elderly Homes for the disabled or elderly
Orphanages Orphanages
Social security Social security
Social services Social services
Workman's compensation program Workman's compensation program
Social Rehabilitation Center Social Rehabilitation Center
Correctional institution Correctional institution
Emergency services Emergency services
Water, water management Water Utility
Public Utility Public Utility
Gas supply management Gas supply management
Homeowners associations Homeowners associations
Heat supply organizations Heat supply organizations
Power supply organizations Power supply organizations
Housing Department Housing Department
Construction co-ops Construction co-ops
Municipal amenities Municipal amenities
Post Terminal Post Terminal
Post Office Post Offices
Shipping services Shipping services
Telecommunications companies Telecommunications companies
City telephone networks City telephone networks
Visa centers of foreign countries Visa Center
Embassies, consulates Embassy
Shopping centers Shopping centers
Department stores Department stores
Clothing market Clothing market
Information services Information Service
Information kiosks Information kiosks
Tourist information centers Information Center
Farmer's markets Farmer's markets
Wholesale vegetables and fruits Wholesale vegetables and fruits
Wholesale fish and seafood Wholesale fish and seafood
Wholesale pet supplies Wholesale pet supplies
Wholesale computers and accessories Wholesale computers and accessories
Wholesale clothing Wholesale clothing
Wholesale appliances Wholesale appliances
Wholesale textiles Wholesale textiles
Wholesale children's goods Wholesale children's goods
Wholesale dairy products Wholesale dairy products
Wholesale building materials Wholesale building materials
Wholesale bathroom fixtures Wholesale bathroom fixtures
Wholesale baby food Wholesale baby food
Wholesale school supplies Wholesale school supplies
Wholesale jewelry Wholesale jewelry
Wholesale company Wholesale company
Wholesale cleaning supplies Wholesale cleaning supplies
Construction fittings Rebar
Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment Hydraulics
Heating Equipment and Heating Systems Heating
Lumber Lumber
Hardware Hardware
Plaster products Plaster products
Automatic doors and gates Automatic Doors
Aluminum, aluminum construction Aluminum Construction
Concrete, concrete products Concrete Products
Doors Doors
Road materials Road materials
Stone products Stone products
Insulation materials Insulation materials
Ceramic tiles Ceramic tiles
Adhesives products and materials Adhesives
Cast iron works Cast iron works
Roofs and roofing materials Roofing Materials
Paint materials Paint materials
Stairs and stair railings Stairs
Metal gates and fencing Metal Fences
Floor coverings Floor coverings
Ceiling coverings Stretch Ceilings
Facing materials Facing materials
Windows Windows
Roller shutters Roller shutters
Sunroom Enclosures Sunroom Enclosures
Fiberglass Fiberglass
Dry building mixes Building Mortars
Paving slabs Paving slabs
Facades and facade systems Facade Systems
Construction markets Construction markets
Plastic and Plastic Products Plastic Products
Garden centers Garden centers
Flower shops Flowers
Gardening stores Garden Products
Seed stores Seeds
Flower markets Flower markets
Magazine Stand Press
Antique book stores Used Book Store
Book stores Books
Educational literature Educational literature
School supply stores Office Supplies
Office supplies Consumables
Art galleries Art galleries
Music stores Music stores
Antique stores Antique
Devotional goods stores Devotional goods stores
Coin stores Numismatics
Stamp collecting Stamp collecting
Sauna and spa stores Sauna Products
Locks and locking devices Locks
Stores that sell dishes Tableware
Construction tools Tools
Electric and gas-powered tools Tools
Wallpaper stores Wallpapers
Bathroom fixture stores Plumbing
Building stores Строительные товары
Household goods and cleaning supplies Хозтовары
Construction hypermarket Construction hypermarket
Blueray, CD, and DVD stores CD, DVDs
Technology stores Brown Goods
Photography stores Photography stores
Parts and accessories for household appliances Parts for household appliances
Coffee and espresso machines Coffee machines
Household appliance stores Household Appliances
Sewing and knitting stores Sewing Machines
Computer accessories Computer accessories
Computer Store Computers
Office equipment Office equipment
Projectors and multimedia equipment Projectors
Gardening tools and equipment Gardening Tools
Remote-controlled devices and models Remote-Controlled Models
Electronics stores Electrical Goods
Horse harnesses Horse harnesses
Athletic clothing and footwear Sportswear
ATVs, jet skis, snowmobiles ATVs
Bike shops Bike shops
Boats, kayaks, yachts Boats and motorboats
Billiard stores Billiard stores
Electric vehicle stores Electric vehicle stores
Sports nutrition Sports nutrition
Sports and fitness supplies and equipment Sports Equipment
Sports superstores Sports Goods
Recreation and tourism supplies Tourism Supplies
Hunting goods Hunting goods
Fishing supplies Fishing supplies
Bath and body product stores Bath and body product stores
Perfume and cosmetics stores Perfume
Children's furniture Children's furniture
Cabinet furniture Cabinet furniture
Furniture stores Furniture
Furniture for bathrooms Furniture for bathrooms
Furniture for kitchens Furniture for kitchens
Upholstered furniture Upholstered furniture
Wardrobes Wardrobes
High-end furniture High-end furniture
Furniture fittings and accessories Furniture Accessories
Metal furniture Metal furniture
Medical furniture Medical furniture
Tapestries Tapestries
Shutters and blinds Blinds
Fireplaces, stoves Fireplaces, stoves
Carpet stores Carpets
Lamps Lamps
Home accessories Interior Design
Curtains, curtain rods Curtains, curtain rods
Office furniture Office furniture
Garden furniture Garden furniture
Mega stores Mega stores
School furniture School furniture
Professional clothing Professional clothing
Costume jewelry stores Fashion Jewelry
Uniforms, camouflage Military Uniform
Costumes for carnivals, theater, and dance productions Carnival Costumes
Underwear and swimwear stores Underwear and Swimsuits
Personal effects and accessories stores Haberdashery
Hat stores Headwear
Denim stores Denim Clothes
Maternity Store Products for Expecting Mothers
Leather and Fur Store Fur Products
Shoe stores Shoes
Clothing stores. Clothes
Bag and suitcase stores Bags
Watch stores Watches
Stockings and tights stores Stockings and Tights
Plus size clothing Plus size clothing
Evening wear stores Evening Clothes
Second hand stores Second hand stores
Wedding boutiques Wedding boutiques
Knitwear, jerseys Knitwear
Thread, yarn Thread, yarn
Bedding stores Bedding
Fabric stores Fabrics
Sewing Accessories Sewing Accessories
Craft stores Art and Craft Supplies
Animal Kennel Animal Kennel
Animal shelters Animal shelters
Pet Grooming, Pet Salon Pet Grooming
Pet shops Pet Products
Pet hotels Pet hotels
Aquarium stores Aquariums
Christmas trees and ornaments Christmas trees and ornaments
Christmas bazaars Christmas bazaars
Children's toys and games Children's Toys
Children's stores Children's Goods
Video Game Consoles Video Game Consoles
Baby food stores Baby Food
Children's shoe stores Children's Shoes
Children's clothing stores Children's Clothes
Board games and games of skill Board Games
Jewelry stores Jewelry
Party supply stores Party supply stores
Fire stations and pyrotechnics Fireworks
Gift and souvenir stores Gifts
Online stores Online stores
Pickup points Pickup points
Showrooms Showrooms
Airlines Airlines
Maritime agencies Maritime agencies
Logistics companies Logistics companies
Bus service stations Bus service stations
Intercity bus transportation Bus Transportation
City transit management and maintenance City Transit Management
Railway Management and Maintenance Railway Management
Bus Sale and Repair Bus Repair
Tram depots Tram depots
Trolley Stand Trolley Stand
Taxi stands Taxi stands
Construction and Specialized Machinery Rental Specialized Machinery Rental
Vehicle rentals Car Rental
Taxis Taxis
Autoclubs Autoclubs
Moving services Moving services
Air cargo transport Air cargo transport
Railway cargo transport Railway cargo transport
Cargo transport by water. Water-Based Cargo Transport
Vehicle evaluations and assessments Vehicle Assessments
Vehicle trailers Vehicle Trailers
RVs and motor homes Motor Vans
Cargo vehicles and trucks Cargo Vehicles
Farming equipment Agricultural Machinery
Special Equipment and Vehicles Specialized Machinery
Car markets Car markets
Car dealerships Car dealerships
Car buy outs Car Buyback
Motorcycle dealerships Motorcycle dealerships
Car audio systems Car audio systems
Car air-conditioning systems Car air-conditioning systems
Car seats Car seats
Car Wheels and Tires Car Wheels and Tires
Car Heaters Car Heaters
Vehicle radiators Vehicle Radiators
Vehicle tachographs Vehicle Tachographs
Car junk yards Car junk yards
Car alarms Car alarms
Auto glass Auto glass
Auto enamels, car paints Car Enamel and Paint
Spare parts for buses Spare parts for buses
Car parts and auto products store Car Parts
Spare parts for motorcycles Motorcycle Parts
Quick Oil Change Oil Change
Car servicing, auto mechanic center Car Repair
Roadside assistance, car towing Towing Vehicles
Car body repairs Car body repairs
Vehicle alterations Vehicle Refitting
Automatic transmission repairs Automatic transmission repairs
Car maintenance studios Car maintenance studios
Window tinting services Window tinting services
Installations of gas cylinder equipment for vehicles Installations of gas cylinder equipment for vehicles
Engine repairs Engine repairs
Farming Machinery Repair Farming Machinery Repair
Motorcycle repairs Motorcycle repairs
Tire repair Tire repair
Car wash businesses Car wash businesses
Garage co-ops Garages
Driver's school Driver's school
Impound lot Impound lot
Driving area Driving area
Technical inspection points Vehicle Inspection Point
Banks Banks
Money transfer offices Money transfer offices
Car Pawn Shop Car Pawn Shop
Pawn shops Pawn shops
Currency exchanges Currency exchanges
Payment terminals Payment terminals
Car insurance Car Insurance Company
Various types of insurance Insurance companies
Audit companies Audit companies
Accounting services Accounting services
Financial consulting Financial consulting
Brokerage companies Brokerage companies
Investment companies Investment companies
Collection agencies Collection agencies
Leasing companies Leasing companies
Tax Consultants Tax Consultants
Factoring companies Factoring companies
E-commerce E-commerce
Microfinance organizations Microfinance organizations
Publishing services Publishing services
Information Agency Information Agency
Radio Company Radio Company
Media editorial offices Media editorial offices
TV broadcasters TV broadcasters
Security Personnel Agency Security
Rental location Rental location
Aerial photography Aerial photography
Outsourcing Outsourcing
Translation agencies Translation agencies
Cash delivery vehicles Cash delivery vehicles
Cleaning services Cleaning services
Courier services Courier services
Design studios Design studios
Framing workshops Framing workshops
Icon painting workshops Icon painting workshops
Art workshops Art workshops
Internet service providers Internet service providers
Business consulting Business consulting
Employment agencies Employment agencies
Production and repair of musical instruments Musical Instrument Repair
Exchanges Exchanges
Dealing centers Dealing centers
Management companies Management companies
Catering Catering
Event planning agencies Event planning agencies
Software development companies Software development companies
Restoration workshops Restoration workshops
Advertising Agency Advertising Agency
PR agencies PR agencies
Marketing services Marketing services
IT companies IT companies
Migration services Migration services
Glass workshops Glass workshops
Production centers Production centers
Recording Studio Recording Studio
Automation of production Automation of production
Energy Conservation and Audit Energy Saving
Security checkpoints, pass points

Pass Office


See Notes

Cable TV Cable TV
Fire alarm/extinguishing systems Fire alarm/extinguishing systems
Pharmaceutical companies Pharmaceutical companies
Extraction of natural resources Extraction of natural resources
Warehouse services Warehouse services
Tool Manufacturing Tool Manufacturing
Telecommunications equipment Telecommunications equipment
Perfume and Cosmetics Company Perfume and Cosmetics Company
Rawhide Rawhide
Fur companies Fur companies
Shoe companies Shoe companies
Sewing factories Sewing factories
Woodworking business Woodworking business
Aviation and airfield equipment Aviation Equipment
Automotive plants Automotive plants
Machine-building plants Machine-building plants
Shipbuilding, ship repair Ship Building
Furniture factory Furniture factory
Metallurgical enterprises Metallurgical enterprises
Oil and gas company Oil and gas company
Lubricants Lubricants
Typography Typography
Industrial equipment Industrial equipment
Repairs of industrial equipment Repairs of industrial equipment
Production companies Production companies
Welding workshops Welding workshops
Lighting Lighting
Reinforced concrete items Reinforced concrete items
Bricks Bricks
Glass, glass products Glass
Textile companies Textile companies
Coal companies Coal companies
Polymer materials Polymer materials
Paper Production and Sales Paper Production
Industrial chemistry Industrial chemistry
Fertilizers Fertilizers
Gemstones Gemstones
Livestock farm Livestock farm
Fur farms Fur farms
Fisheries, fish farms Fish Farming
Agricultural businesses Agricultural Business
Grain elevators Grain elevators
Food Processing Plant Food Processing Plant
Breweries Breweries
Raw food materials Raw food materials
Food ingredients and spices Food Ingredients
Production of foodstuffs. Production of foodstuffs.
Industrial bakeries Industrial bakeries
Cold storage facilities Cold storage facilities
Greenhouses Greenhouses
Detective agencies Detective agencies
Lawyers Lawyers
Business registrations and closings Business Registration
Legal services Legal services
Notaries Notary
Massage parlor Massage parlor
Makeup artists, stylists Makeup Artists
Cosmetology Cosmetology
Nail studios Nail studios
Hair salons Hair salons
Spas Spas
Beauty salons Beauty salons
Tanning salons Tanning salons
Tattoo parlors Tattoo parlors
Barbershops Barbershops
Laundromats Laundromats
Dry cleaning Dry cleaning
Auto interior remodeling Auto interior remodeling
Audio and video equipment repairs Video Equipment Repair
Camera Repair Camera Repair
Everyday services Everyday services
Metal repairs Metal repairs
Appliance repairs Appliance repairs
Leather refurbishing Leather refurbishing
Shoe repairs Shoe repairs
Watch repairs Watch repairs
Jewelry workshops Jewelry workshops
Fashion houses Fashion houses
Computer repairs and servicing Computer Repair
Furniture repairs Furniture repairs
Cell phone repairs Cell Phone Repair
Ateliers for sewing and repairing clothing Clothing Repair Shop
Bicycle repairs Bicycle Repair
Videography Videography
Photo services Photo services
Copy centers Copy centers
GPS navigators GPS navigators
Cellular Service Cellular Service
Mobile phone accessories Mobile phone accessories
Goods and services for pilgrims Goods for Pilgrims
Travel agencies Travel agencies
Excursions Excursions
Bus Tickets Bus Tickets
Railway and plane tickets Railway and plane tickets
Theater and concert ticket offices Theater and concert ticket offices
Ticket offices for sports events Ticket offices for sports events
Toll booths Toll booths
Misc. sales counters Ticket Office
Public transport tickets Public transport tickets
Bath houses Bath houses
Saunas Saunas
Crematoriums Crematoriums
Monuments and tombstones Monuments and tombstones
Funeral services Funeral services
Landscaping studios Landscaping studios
Architectural bureaus Architectural bureaus
Project-planning organizations Project-planning organizations
Engineering Engineering
Mortgage agencies Mortgage agencies
Cadastral work Cadastral work
Interior design companies Interior design companies
Construction companies Construction companies
Appraisal companies Appraisal companies
Real estate agencies Real estate agencies
Construction and maintenance of engineering networks Engineering Network Construction
Apartments in New Buildings Apartments in New Buildings
Installation work Installation work
Recycling areas Recycling areas
Waste treatment structures and equipment Waste Treatment Structures
Waste management Waste management
Landfills Landfills
Restrooms Restrooms
Mother and child room Mother and child room
Handicapped restroom Handicapped restroom
Charitable foundations Charitable foundations
Public organizations Public organizations
Consumer cooperatives Consumer cooperatives
Professional unions Professional unions
Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce
Environmental organizations Environmental organizations
International organizations International organizations
Associations and industrial unions Association
Self-regulating organizations Self-regulating organizations
Political parties Political parties
Athletic associations Athletic associations
Skating rinks Skating rinks
Sports complexes Sports complex
Stadiums Stadiums
Fitness clubs Fitness clubs
Yoga centers Yoga centers
Pool Pool
Skiing lodge Skiing lodge
Skiing complex Skiing complex
Racetracks Racetracks
Horse clubs Horse clubs
Car race tracks Car race tracks
Motorcycle race tracks Motorcycle race tracks
Go cart tracks Go cart tracks
Health spas Health spas
Wellness centers Wellness centers
Spas Spas
Clubs for hunters and fishermen Clubs for hunters and fishermen
Rural vacations Rural vacations
Campsites Campsites
Picnic spot Picnic spot
Children's recreation camps Children's recreation camps
Betting offices Betting Office
Casio, gambling hall Casinos
Lotteries Lotteries
Sports and recreation centers Sports and recreation centers
Billiard clubs Billiard clubs
Bowling clubs Bowling clubs
Recreational center Recreational center
Laser tag Laser tag
Paintball Paintball
Airsoft Airsoft
Trampoline Center Trampoline Center
Water park Water park
Cultural Center Cultural Center
Leisure clubs Leisure clubs
Cultural centers Cultural centers
Night clubs Night clubs
Observation deck Observation deck
Bike rental not used
Scooter Rental not used
Bicycle parking not used


Use "Pass Office" for organizations that register and issue passes.

Use "Checkpoint" for security posts, pass control points, and similar facilities.