3.7.2. The rules of attribution of territories

This section contains rules for adding attributes to territories and blocks.

The attribute panel for a territory looks like this:

Rules for adding attributes to territories: Type

Select the territory or block type from the list:

  • Industrial zone — territories:

    • Individual industrial enterprises and factories

    • Large and small utility buildings and housing/utilities facilities

    • Agricultural businesses and various agricultural facilities
    • Launch sites and other sites

    • Industrial zones with two or more enterprises

    • Garage co-ops

    • Military bases/installations

    • Animal burial sites

  • Education — territories occupied by educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, institutes, libraries, driving schools, etc.).
  • Shopping — territories occupied by commercial establishments (shopping malls, entertainment complexes, gas stations etc.).
  • Medicine — territories occupied by medical institutions (hospitals, clinics etc.).
  • Recreation, Culture — territories of cultural or recreational centers (concert halls, orchestra halls, museums, circuses, zoos etc.).
  • Religion — territories occupied by religious organizations and places of worship of various faiths (churches, chapels, etc.).
  • Sports stadiums and arenas — territories of athletic fields and stadiums.
  • Sport — territories of athletic institutions (gyms, training centers, etc.).
  • Offices — territories of office buildings, business centers, and business parks.
  • State — territories belonging to government bodies, state institutions, ministries and departments, embassies, consulates, international organizations, enclosed crematoriums, impound lots, etc.
  • Transport — territories of transport-related items (train stations, bus stations, airports, freight and passenger ports, depots, metro stations, etc.).
  • Parking — territories of parking areas; you must map a parking placemark for each territory (see

  • Construction site — territories of construction sites (other than sites that serve private homes, which you should not draw on the map (see point
  • Beach — territories of public beaches, beaches at hotel (available to guests), private beaches.
  • Landfill/dumpster — territories of landfills and garbage dumps.
  • Playground — territories of children's playgrounds.
  • Dog park — territories of dog parks. Main organization

In the Main organization field, enter the name of the main map item on that territory.

For “Parking” territories, you must enter a placemark to represent the “Parking” infrastructure (see

Only enter this value for other types of territories if you can determine that parking is located on the territory in question.

If the territory includes several organizations from the same category (for example, on a “Culture and recreation territory”, there might be a theater, cafe, and book store), then select a value from the list of options in the Main organization field. This list is generated automatically from the organizations located on that territory.

This field is not mandatory.