1.1.2. Deleting personal data

You can erase your personal data stored in the Yandex Map Editor service. You can delete both commercial and non-commercial information.

To delete your data from Yandex Map Editor:

  1. Open the Your data on Yandex page.
  2. Go to Delete data and click Maps. A list of Yandex geoservices opens.
  3. Click Yandex Map Editor. To delete trips and edits in the mobile app, tap Yandex Map Editor App.
  4. Select the line with the data type.
  5. In the window that opens, click Delete. If you've changed your mind about deleting the data, click Cancel.

The data will be deleted from Yandex Map Editor within 30 calendar days. Your data will be stored in the Yandex internal network for a year. After that, information about the authorship of map and other data may be stored.

All your edits and comments made in Yandex Map Editor before you delete your personal data will be displayed on behalf of an “Unknown user”.

Your YME profile will be retained, but the edit history will be erased.

Edits that you make after deleting your personal data will be saved as edits made by a New user. You'll be able to view that profile via the new edits.