2.6. Linear object

To linear these are objects that have the type of lines on the map scale, such as roads and Railways, small rivers, metro lines, and so on. Each such object is displayed on the map as a line designed in one way or another (thickness, color, and so on).)

Small linear objects (such as streams or lanes) can be drawn as a whole on the map. These objects are related to simple. There is a set of uniform rules for drawing and editing these type of items. They are described in Section 2.6.1. Simple linear items.

Circular linear items (such as roundabouts) have their own rules. Drawing and editing rules are described in Section 2.8. Circular linear and polygonal items.

Major linear items (motorways and railways, rivers, etc.) that can't be drawn as a whole are created using subsequent sections of road that are then joined together. Composite linear items on the map are created in two stages. During the first stage the individual sections are created, and during the second stage the sections are joined to form a single item. Drawing and editing rules are described in Section 2.6.2. Composite linear objects.