2.2.5. Change the map type

Yandex Map Editor works like other electronic maps: it is made up of many layers, each of which stores information about particular types of map items. You can change the way map layers are displayed: Choice of backdrop

To choose a backdrop, click

  • Switch the backdrop to map or
  • Switch the backdrop to satellite.

The current backdrop (Map or Satellite) will switch to the other one.

The Satellite backdrop displays images of the territory taken from space:

The Map backdrop displays Yandex Map Editor in real time (with all edits, including those that have not passed moderation yet).


When you switch backdrops (MapSatellite), the layer settings (see below) are not saved (so they may differ from one another). Choice of layer

To select and configure a map item layer:

  1. Click Layers .

  2. In the menu that opens, mark the layers that you want to display on the map. To turn a layer on or off, left-click its name (the names of enabled layers are in color, and disabled ones are gray).

    The Select all/Deselect all button turns all map layers on/off simultaneously (alternatively, use the shortcut Shift + Ctrl + H).

  3. Select the layer components you want to display on the map. They can be turned on and off independently of each other. To enable or disable a layer component:

    1. Click (Layer settings) to the right of the main layer.
    2. Left-click the component name.

    The names of enabled components are in color, and disabled ones are gray:

    Note. When you turn off the main layer, all its components are turned off.
  4. Select the display option for the layer component from the drop-down list next to its name:

    Note. If there isn't a drop-down list next to a layer component name, only one display option is available for that component.
  5. Disable interactivity for layers (or layer components) whose items shouldn't be highlighted when you hover your cursor over them. To enable or disable interactivity:

    1. Hold your cursor over the name of the enabled layer component.
    2. Click the Layer interactivity button that appears to the right of the name and display option.

    If interactivity is enabled, the layer (or layer component) items are available for editing. If interactivity is disabled, the items are displayed on the map but can't be edited. Layer display options Additional layers