2.2.7. View user edits

To see who edited the map near you, or the most recent changes, click (User edits).

When enabled, the pin icon layer is displayed.

Each icon shows the user who made the edit and the time when it was made.

The edit time is marked with the icon color: less than an hour ago, from an hour to three days, from three days to three weeks, and more than three weeks (in the picture — from left to right):

When you mouse over an icon, a message appears about who made the edit, when, and what it was.

Clicking on the icon opens the event card (item edit).

The layer shows only the most recent user edits in the object history.

The layer does not display employee and robot edits, group and technical edits, or edits to contour and macro objects (such as attribute edits for “Road” items, edits of lakes and nature reserves). In addition, it doesn't show edits that have been rolled back, including edits made by blocked users.


When viewing edits at a small scale, it is convenient to use the “target” in the event card. Click to bring the object closer, and click again to move it away: