2.4.2. Map item categories

Yandex Map Editor items are divided into several categories. For example, there are “Building” and “Transport” categories.

Almost all categories are divided into sub-categories. For example, the “Transport” category includes the subcategories “Railway”, “Water transport”, “Air transport”, etc.

Every subcategory can include different types of items. Furthermore, items from a single category can include items of different geometric types: places, linear items, and polygonal items. For example, the subcategory “Railways” in the “Transport” category includes linear items (sections of railway), places (stations), and polygonal items (platforms).

A list of categories and subcategories for YME items and links to the drawing and editing rules for each of them can be found in the table:

Map item categories

Drawing and editing rules (sections)

Administrative division

(administrative divisions: countries, districts, localities, etc.)




(buildings of various designations and conditions)





(territories and blocks designated according to their use: recreation, industry, etc.)

Road infrastructure

(road structures: bridges, tunnels, parking, traffic lights.)


(forest, parks, etc.)


(hydrographic items: lakes, rivers, springs, fountains, channels, etc.)


(terrain items: points — vertexes, etc. and polygonal — islands, etc.)


Transport / Railways — railway items (stations and railways including narrow-gauge and children's railways)
Transport / Rapid transit — lines, stations and exits for metro stations, funiculars, etc.
Transport / Ground transport — ground transport items (routes and stops)
Transport / Air — ground air transport items (airports, airfields, helicopter pads)
Transport / Water — water transport items (ports, marinas, routes)


Indoor maps