1.1.1. User profile

Every Yandex Map Editor cartographer has a User profile that is created automatically when they sign up for the service.

Your profile contains information about your contributions to YME.

To see your profile, click on your username and select My profile in the menu that appears.


You can also change the interface language in the Language field.

If you haven't logged into Yandex before opening the map, you can change your language by clicking the button in the main window.

The form that appears is your profile:

Your profile contains:

  • Username

  • A “Moderator” designation if you are a YME moderator.

  • A Change profile button that opens a form where you can edit your profile (and post a short bio):


    Profanity is forbidden on Yandex Map Editor (in usernames, profile information, comments, etc.)

    This includes obscenities where part of the letters are replaced by stars or other symbols, yet the intended meaning is read and understood by native speakers.

    Any statements that incite violence or promote hostility, or disparage a person or group based on their gender, race, nationality, language, origin, religious beliefs, or membership in a particular social group are also forbidden.

    You also cannot include information in your username or profile that may confuse Yandex.Maps users. For example, you can not use words like moderator, administrator, etc. that could be confused with official titles.

  • Contact email — the address for receiving notifications meant for the selected user. You can adjust your settings to change what updates you wish to be notified about, such as platform updates, edits posted by a particular user, or achievements they received. You can disable those options if you don't want to receive any notifications (deselect the flags next to the relevant options).

  • Information about user actions in Yandex Map Editor: number of edits and map layers.

    Click Show all statistics to view your user actions across all map layers.

    Note. Layer entries added by those layers' respective experts are marked with:

  • Information about user achievements in Yandex Map Editor: the number of edits they made (rounded), the time they spent as an Editor, the length of roads they photographed (see 2.3.5. Yandex Map Editor mobile app), the number of inaccuracy reports they sent, and other data:

    • (— made more than 50 edits to the old Yandex Map Editor (1000 edits to the new Yandex Map Editor).
    • The icon displays the interval for the number of corrections: 0-50, 51-100, 101-500, 501-1000, and so on. So if two users made 510 and 990 edits respectively, then their profiles will display the same pictograph: “Made more than 500 edits”.
    • — 2 years on Yandex Map Editor.
    • — Drew on the new Yandex Map Editor on the day it launched.

    You can find out what each pictograph means by holding your cursor over it and reading the tooltip.

    Visit the Achievement list to see the full list of all possible achievements a cartographer can earn.

  • The “Moderator” caption (for Map moderators), name of area (such as districts and regions), and the pictographs for different object types that user moderates:

  • “Expert” listing (for users who are experts) and pictographs of the item categories that the user has received expert status for drawing:


    The Expert status means that a user has a particular expertise when drawing objects of a certain type (a certain map layer). Users are awarded the status if they have been drawing particular map layers for an extended period of time with no mistakes.

    Edits made by Experts pass the first layer of moderation automatically, and are faster to get into the production pipeline for a manual check-up.

    The two main criteria for being awarded the Expert status are following the Rules and quality drawings. They are judged based on:

    • — The number of edits for a particular object category (map layer) made by the user

    • — The number of times those edits had to be corrected during the moderation process

    • — The number of edits which had to be rolled back

  • Information about why you were blocked: if you were blocked by the moderator. Click More to open your list of violations.

If the moderator blocked you, then an entry will appear on your profile:

The same message appears on the screen.

To view your detailed violation history, click Violation history.