4.8. Mapping Rules: United Arab Emirates

  1. 4.8.1. Naming rules for all item types
  2. 4.8.2. Buildings
  3. 4.8.3. Roads
  4. 4.8.4. Administrative division
  5. 4.8.5. Places

This section contains mapping rules specific to the United Arab Emirates.

4.8.1. Naming rules for all item types

Use English as the source language when translating and transliterating toponyms into other non-local languages.

Use the local (Arabic) language when translating and transliterating into English.

Note. Do not translate abbreviations in item names from English into Russian. Instead, write the Russian names in Latin characters.

Transliterate the definite article “Al” from English into Russian as “Аль” (except for commonly accepted names in Russian like Рас-эль-Хайма).

In official names in Arabic, use Latin characters and Western digits.

You can add alternative spellings as synonyms:

  • Official: 2A شارع

  • Also known as, historical: شارع 2أ

  • Also known as, historical: شارع ٢أ

4.8.2. Buildings

Draw entrances to one-apartment residential buildings located in residential areas.

4.8.3. Roads

For roads of minimal significance (class 7) that have sidewalks drawn alongside them, keep the pedestrian accessibility attribute in the “Accessible by” field enabled.

You can draw through passages inside buildings as Class 10 roads, provided they aren't restricted to pedestrians during the business hours of organizations located in the building and that the roads pass through corridors accessible to the public. Only draw such roads on the floors entrances to and exits from the building are located on.

4.8.4. Administrative division

Localities and similar items that completely cover the entire territory of the UAE and are the smallest administrative division units that are used to divide the entire country (both within and outside cities), including city districts, are mapped as items with the Locality type (level 4) with the "Is a municipality" option selected.

Level 3 administrative division units (District) are parent for level 4 items (Locality).

4.8.5. Places

Official names of items from this category should include the type of organization along with its proper name. Preferably also add the For caption on map name without the type.