1.3.2. How to become a moderator

The Yandex Map Editor moderators are active users of the service who not only do their own drawing and editing, but also monitor a particular territory to make sure everything is in order.

Usually they moderate the area where they live because they it well, but many Yandex Map Editor moderators take on several territories right away.

You can ask to be a moderator for all map item categories right away or can start with one or two (depending on how experienced you are).

For example, if you know the rules really well and have experience editing buildings and addresses, but have not drawn roads or other items yet, then you can only be a Yandex Map Editor moderator for buildings and addresses.

Once you have mastered drawing map items of other categories, you can ask for permission to moderate new item categories and territories.

To submit an application, please email us. Don't forget to specify what region and map item categories you want to moderate. Moderator selection criteria

There are no strict conditions or criteria for becoming a moderator. We pay attention to different indicators for each individual case.

There are, however, indicators that we pay particular attention to. For some criteria, there is a certain range of figures that we look for. However, in some cases a particular value may be insufficient whereas in another case it may be more than enough.

All these criteria are based on how much experience a user has accumulated on Yandex Map Editor:

  1. How often they draw.

    Moderators should not go more than a month without working on the map (otherwise they “can't keep up with” their regions).

  2. Length of active drawing and editing.

    This period should be no less than a month. If a user is registered on the service, but was not active for a few months, then they can't be a moderator (regardless of how many edits they made).

  3. Number of edits. You must have a certain amount of experience to moderate the map. Reading the rules (even exhaustively) is not enough.

    You should have made at least 2,000 edits (and if you want to moderate regions or major cities — at least 4,000).

  4. If you want to be a moderator for a certain category of map item, you should have made at least 800 edits to moderate roads and at least 300 for other map item categories.

  5. How actively the user draws and adds attributes to map items in the region that they want to moderate.

    Moderators should know “their” territory well.

    When considering an application to moderate a new area, we also check how regularly the user draws in it. If edits in a particular area are few or rare, we don't grant more rights to the user.

  6. The variety of map items the user created and edited in various categories.

    Moderators should have experience working with map items of all categories and all shapes.

    To get rights in the Road signs layer, the user needs experience drawing video cameras, traffic lights, speed bumps, and railway crossings in addition to road signs.

  7. Communication skills (leaving comments on map items and entries in the Yandex Map Editor community).

    Moderators should communicate actively with other users and be polite when pointing out errors or clarifying information. They should never resort to swearing, insults, or personal attacks.

  8. Accuracy of edits.

    It's important that moderators fix the typical mistakes that novices make, for example:

    • Drawing buildings based on the position of their roofs or walls in satellite photos
    • Drawing building shapes inaccurately (for example, without right angles)
    • Drawing curved sections of polygonal and linear items with acute corners
    • Making errors in entering house numbers and street names (i.e. the entries don't correspond to the rules)
    • Making errors in road attributes (i.e. attribute values don't correspond to the rules)
    • Making errors in the names of items of various types or not having examples of naming items (most often required to get rights for the vegetation, hydrography, and relief layers).

If you want to be a Yandex Map Editor moderator, make sure that your edits meet the criteria described here and be prepared to serve as a mentor to users who need your help.

Examine the history of your recent edits in the requested layer and make sure there are no corrections or rollbacks by moderators or employees. If the reason for corrections or rollbacks isn't clear, you can send the moderator or employee a private message to ask which rule section was violated so you can correct the inaccuracy in subsequent edits.