Keyboard shortcuts

Create items

Keyboard shortcuts Function (create) Button
Alt + P Placemark
Alt + L Line
Alt + M Polygon
Esc Exit item creation mode

To exit item creation mode, press Esc or use the keyboard shortcut again.

Handling items

Enter ↲

Completes the process of drawing the map item and opens the form that lets you assign parameter values to it (you can alternately do this by selecting Finish from the context menu or double-clicking on the item while creating it).

Clicking Enter ↲ or when the parameter-value form is open will close the form and save your parameters:

Undo and redo operations with items

To undo or redo actions with items, use these keyboard shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts Operation
Ctrl + Z Undo action

Ctrl + Shift + Z or

Ctrl + Y

Redo action

Copy and paste the item

To copy a selected item and then insert it onto the map, use the appropriate keyboard shortcut:

Keyboard shortcuts Operation
Ctrl + С Copy item

Ctrl + V

Paste item

Changing the order of items in a list

Items are displayed on the map in the following order: placemarks are displayed “higher” than lines and may cover them. Likewise, lines are higher than polygons.

You can change the order in which items are displayed within every category.

To do this, select the item from the list and use the appropriate keyboard shortcut:

Keyboard shortcuts Moving an item
Ctrl + Shift + ↑ above all items
Ctrl + Shift + ↓ below all items
Ctrl + ↑ one item higher
Ctrl + ↑ one item lower

For example, in the drawing on the left, polygon 1 displays above polygon 2, but this order is reversed in the drawing on the right:


You can also drag an item (placemark, line or polygon) to the appropriate position in the item list.