Map Constructor

You can create a map with your custom map items (for example, routes to your home, office, or vacation destination).

To create or edit a custom map:

  1. Click on the profile picture. If you aren't logged in, click and log in.

  2. To open Map Constructor, select My maps in the side menu.

    You can draw the following on the map:

    • Placemarks — Entrances, meet-up points, and other marks.

    • Lines — Streets, routes, and borders.

    • Polygons (including those with internal outlines) — Houses, cottage villages, lakes, and other areas.

  3. Here's what you can do with your custom map:

    You can also save your map items as a file in order to:

    • Import the points to navigation software.

    • Use them with the Yandex Maps API.

    • View and save data in other programs (for example, in Google Earth).

For more information about this tool, see the Map Constructor Help section.