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On Yandex Maps, you can search for:

Geographic locality
  • By its name.

    The search results for [Moscow] will show the city, the river, and the hotel named “Moscow”.

  • By the combination of a geographic locality and its type.

    The search results for [Moscow River] will show the Moscow River specifically.

  • By the place coordinates.

    The search results for [79°30′ N 76°54′ E] will show Vize Island in the Kara Sea.

  • By its name or type.

    The search results for [pharmacy] will show all pharmacies within the map view.

  • By the combination of the name/type and locality.

    The search results for [pharmacy, street name] will show pharmacies on and around the street.

Public transport route

By its number and type (for example, “Bus 39”).

You will see the route line and icons with the route number moving around the map in real time. For more information, see Routes and stops.