Profile and settings

  1. Profile menu
  2. Use my location
  3. Change language
  4. Delete personal data

Log in to Yandex Maps to get access to all the available features.

Profile menu

If you are logged in, click on your profile picture to open a slide-out panel under the search bar.

The slide-out panel includes the following buttons to the right of the profile image and under it:

Opens the menu:

  • Settings — Opens your account settings on Yandex (interface language, location, and others).;
  • Add account — Opens the log in page. For more information, see Log in to Yandex.
  • Clear history — Deletes your search suggestions and routes (from Yandex Maps and Yandex mobile apps: Navigator, Transport, and Maps).
  • Log out — Logs you out of the service.
Rate place Opens a list of places you may have visited. You can rate a place, skip it, or indicate that you haven't visited it.
Edit map Opens the map editing menu where you can edit the information, add a new place, or go to the Yandex Maps Editor.
Road capture Opens the page where you can learn more about your picture publications on Yandex Maps and download an app for this.
Feedback Opens a window where you can select an issue type and fill out the feedback form.
Advertise Opens the page where you can add your ads to Yandex Maps.
Subscribe to Yandex Plus Opens Yandex Plus.
Appointments and bookings Opens your online appointments and bookings in the services you selected in Yandex Maps.
Reviews, photos, and fixes Opens the Reviews, photos, and fixes page where you can view the history and status of your actions in Yandex Map. On this page, you can also post reviews, upload photos, and edit the map.
My places Opens a list of your favorite places on Yandex Maps.
My maps Opens the Map Builder where you can create a custom map.
Business owners Opens your Business dashboard on Yandex Maps where you can add your organization.

Use my location

If you allow the service to detect your location, it will use the data to create routes, show traffic conditions, and search for places on the map.


You don't have to allow access to your location.

To enable the option:

  1. Click .

  2. A request window will open at the top of the page. Click Allow.

  3. You'll see your location marked with . Click on the placemark to see your exact address and coordinates.

To learn more, see Detecting the user's location.

Change language

Yandex Maps can be displayed in different languages (for example, in Russian or English).

By default, the service uses the language that corresponds to the selected domain. For example, the Russian language is used on the RU domain ( and English is used on the COM domain (

You can change the language on some domains.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Yandex Home page.

  2. In the top-right corner of the page, click on the profile picture and select Settings.

  3. Click the General settings tab.

  4. Under Language settings, select your language and click Save.

  5. The setting applies to all Yandex services that support the selected language.

    If Yandex Maps are available in different languages for the domain you selected, you can switch between the domain language and the language you specified in the settings. To do this, see the language switch at bottom of the map.

    For example, if your default language is Russian and you open Yandex Maps on the Ukrainian domain (ua), the ru/ua language switch will be displayed at the bottom of the map.

Delete personal data

You can erase your personal data stored in Yandex Maps. You can delete both your commercial and non-commercial information.

To delete your data from Yandex Maps:

  1. Under Delete data, click Maps. This opens a list of Yandex geoservices and the types of data stored in them.
  2. Select a line with the data type:
    • To delete the data from your Yandex Maps account, click Account.

      The data will be deleted only from your Yandex Maps account. If you need to, you can delete the data from other services.

    • To delete reports about places marked incorrectly, errors in organization cards, and inaccuracies in transport schedules, click Problem reports.

      Yandex will keep your reports, but you won't be listed as their author.

    • To delete all the photos you've published, click Photos.
  3. Click Delete. If you change your mind, click Cancel.

The data will be deleted from Yandex Maps within 30 calendar days. The photos will be stored in the Yandex internal network for a year. After that, the service may store the authorship information for map-related and other data. For more information, see Delete data.