Deleting ad spending data

Note. Yandex.Direct data cannot be deleted.
You can delete uploaded data from Yandex.Metrica in several ways:
  1. In Yandex.Metrica, go to Settings (Upload data tab).
  2. In Advertising expenses, select Delete data.
  3. Choose the By date and UTM tags method.
  4. To delete all expense data, select a date or period. To delete data about a specific ad source, select a date or period and fill in the UTMSource field with the UTM tag as it was specified when uploading the data. Note the case of the characters in the tag value.
Note. If you uploaded data from multiple services to Yandex.Metrica (Provider) and want to delete data only from some of them, use the API. If you delete information in the Yandex.Metrica web interface, data from all providers will be deleted for the specified period.
You can use the API to delete data in one of the following ways: