Sending data in a CSV file uploaded from the advertising dashboard

You can upload spending data from any advertising system to Yandex Metrica. To transfer data, you need to download a CSV file with data about one or more campaigns from your advertising system and edit it, then upload the file to Yandex Metrica — give it the required format during uploading.

Attention. Make sure the links in your ads contain UTM tags. These tags and their values will need to be transmitted to Yandex Metrica.
Step 1. Preparing a file in your advertising system
  1. Add columns before downloading the file:
    • With the date* you are downloading data for. Specify the date in each row with campaign data.
    • With expenses excluding VAT* for the specified period. Make sure that a comma or dot is used as the separator. For example, 23,456 or 23.456, respectively.
    • With the number of clicks for the specified period.
    • With the currency that the expenses are specified in.

    * Required columns – their values cannot be filled in manually when uploading a file to Yandex Metrica.

  2. Add columns with UTM tags.

    If you use a tracking template with campaign parameters in links, add columns with filled values for the ad campaign that match what is specified in your UTM tags. For example, if UTMCampaign transmits the campaign name, add the field that contains the campaign name, and if the campaign ID is transmitted, add the field that contains the ID.

    If you specify values manually in an ad campaign, for example, for all ads UTMMedium=cpc, you can set tag values in the Yandex Metrica web interface when uploading a file.

  3. Download the file in CSV format.
Step 2. Editing the downloaded file
Attention. To save the formatting of rows and their contents, open the file in a text editor. For example, in Notepad for Windows or TextEdit for Apple operating systems.
  1. Edit the file. From the file, delete the top rows (except for the column names) and the row “Total”.
  2. Save the file without changing its format.

Example of the resulting file

Step 3. Uploading data to Yandex Metrica
  1. In Yandex Metrica, go to Settings (Upload data tab).
  2. In Advertising expenses, click Upload.
  3. Select the prepared file and upload it.
  4. In the window that opens, fill in the fields:
    • Specify the value of the UTMSource tag (the ad system that the file was uploaded from).

      Make sure that the case in which the UTM tag value is specified matches the case in which the value is specified in the ad URL.

    • Specify which column in the file corresponds to the field Date.
    • Specify which column in the file corresponds to the field Expenses. Select the type of amount separator that is used in the file uploaded in Step 1 — a comma or dot.
    • Specify which column in the file corresponds to the field Clicks.
    • Select the currency in which the expenses are specified. If the currency is not specified, Yandex Metrica uses the currency specified in the tag settings to generate reports.
    • Select other UTM tags and their values from the list. You can enter a single value for all tags. For example, for the UTMMedium tag you can specify the value cpc.
  5. Click Upload data.

If you upload a file with data for the same period, the new file will replace the previously uploaded one.