Sending data in a special-format CSV file

To send ad campaign data to Yandex Metrica, create a file in a special format.

Attention. You don't need to upload Yandex Direct data — it is sent to Yandex Metrica automatically. If you upload data in a file, it will duplicate the automatically transmitted data and the report will become incorrect.
You can send a CSV file with data:
  1. In Yandex Metrica, go to Settings (Upload data tab).
  2. In Advertising expenses, click Upload.

If you upload a file with data for the same period, the new file will replace the previously uploaded one. If a time period is specified in the file, Yandex Metrica will evenly distribute the numerical values (expense, number of clicks, and so on) in it for displaying in the report. This way, when you select a date in the report, the numbers that Yandex Metrica assigned to it will be displayed.