Transmitting data from a CRM

You can add the customer data and order data from your CRM to your site statistics. This information helps you to:

  • Understand which sources brought the most orders and profit.
  • Analyze conversion to order and profit for any cross sections. For example, by region, device type, and so on.
  • Create customer segments for advertising campaigns in Yandex Direct. When creating segments, you can use any data about customers (for example, orders) and their behavior on the site. Segments can be used for targeting ads, searching for similar users, and adjusting bids.
  • Optimize advertising campaigns for creating orders and paying for them.

You can upload information to Yandex Metrica using the CRM integration.

  1. What data can be transmitted to Yandex Metrica
  2. How Yandex Metrica links CRM data to sessions
  3. Getting started
  4. Questions and answers

What data can be transmitted to Yandex Metrica

You can transmit:
  • Any information about your customers.
  • Data about orders and products.

This information is added to the Yandex Metrica data on users and site sessions.

How Yandex Metrica links CRM data to sessions

Yandex Metrica links the order data uploaded from the CRM to the site session that is the closest in time.

Note. If E-Commerce is set up on the site, Yandex Metrica will determine which e-commerce events were already transmitted and linked to sessions and then link the data from the CRM to the best-fitting session with e-commerce data.

The data from the CRM is linked to sessions and users for 21 days, and then updated for 90 days. For more information, see Offline conversion tracking.

Order statuses are analyzed, too. Updating your CRM data also updates order statuses and recalculates statistics for them. For example, first an order was created, but still hasn't been paid: it was transmitted to Yandex Metrica with the “In progress” status. The Order sources report will show statistics for it. The order is then paid and transmitted to Yandex Metrica with the “Paid” status. The data about it will be updated in the report.

After transmitting the data, the “Order created” and “Order paid” goals are automatically created in Yandex Metrica according to the transmitted orders and statuses. Unlike the data in the report, the goal data is not updated with the status change. Each order registered with a certain status is taken into account. For example, an order is created and passed to Yandex Metrica with the “Created” status: the “Order created” goal is counted. When the customer pays for the order, the updated status is transmitted to Yandex Metrica and the “Order paid” goal is counted.

In the “Order created” and “Order paid” goals, the profit from the deals specified in the CRM is passed as revenue. Revenue by goal can be used in Yandex Direct in the Target cost revenue ratio strategy.

Getting started

1. Prepare the data

Yandex Metrica links the data from the CRM with the data about users and site sessions. To link the data, Yandex Metrica uses customer characteristics (tel, email), as well as a special ID (ClientID). This ID helps link the data more accurately. We recommend that you transmit the ClientID. This lets you use your customer data and order data from the CRM to optimize your campaigns for order creation or order payment. You can also compare your ad channels in the context of their effectiveness in attracting customers.

To use the ClientID:
  1. Get ClientIDs using the getClientID method.
  2. Save them in your CRM.
2. Upload customer data
You can upload the data:

Immediately after uploading, the information appears in Yandex Metrica on the Users and customers → Clients page. You can also use the API method to check the correctness of the upload.

We recommend doing the first upload of customer information as early as possible: order data will be linked to sessions that took place after the first successful upload of customer information.

3. Upload order data
You can upload the data:
After data transfer in Yandex Metrica:
4. View statistics

Orders are transmitted to Yandex Metrica with different statuses:

  • In progress.
  • Paid.
  • Canceled.
  • Spam orders.

You can use these statuses to filter data in Yandex Metrica reports and as metrics as well. The data in the report will be available for 24 hours.

To analyze the information, use:

Questions and answers

Can I delete the data uploaded from the CRM?

The data can't be deleted. If an order changes its status to “Spam” in the CRM, the order information will be updated in Yandex Metrica and no longer show up in reports.

Why do I have duplicate customers or orders in Yandex Metrica?
The data might be duplicated if:
  • The data from the CRM was transferred to Yandex Metrica with the same IDs.
  • You uploaded previously transmitted information once again, for example, when migrating to another CRM.