Advanced Matching

Advanced matching allows you to receive data about conversions that were not associated with a site user's profile.

This helps you increase the effectiveness of ad campaigns and learn more about users' behavior, even if they use browsers that limit cross-site cookies (third-party cookies), such as Safari and Mozilla Firefox.

For example, a user may have filled out a form and entered their contact details (name, phone number, email, address) but for some reason closed the site without submitting the form. You can transmit this data to Yandex Metrica in hashed form and set up campaign retargeting for the segment of users that you want to bring back to the site.

How to set up Advanced Matching

You can use one of the following methods:

In this case, only the email address and phone number that the user filled out in the form on your site are transmitted to Yandex Metrica in hashed form.

For Yandex Metrica to automatically collect data, enable the Use advanced tracking settings option in the tag settings.