Website monitoring

Subscribing to notifications allows you to view the Results report in the Monitoring group, as well as receive messages about site availability by email or SMS. Notifications may arrive with a delay. You can unsubscribe from them if you not longer want to receive them.

To subscribe to monitoring notifications, go to the Settings section (on the Notifications tab) and turn on this option:

By email

Enter the email address for receiving notifications (you can use commas to separate multiple addresses).

SMS messages

Switch the setting to the On position and specify the time of day when you want to get messages.

In order for SMS notifications to work, your must enter a mobile phone number for your account.

Unsubscribe from notifications

If you have access to the tag

You can disable notifications yourself:

  1. Go to the Settings section.
  2. On the Notifications tab, turn off the Via email or Via SMS option.
  3. Click Save.
If you don't have access to the tag

If you receive monitoring notification messages in error by email or mobile phone but you can't access the tag, the Support service can turn off these notifications for you.