My tags

The My tags page shows:

  • Tags you created.
  • Tags that others have authorized you to view.
  • Tags installed on Yandex Advertising Network sites.
  • Deleted tags (you can restore them).

The following information is available for each tag:

  • Statistics for the current day and summary charts that help you see the dynamics of site traffic over the past 8 days. Data is collected according to the time zone specified in the tag settings. By default, data is shown with robot data.

  • Tag goals. These are displayed in the order they are sorted by in the tag settings (Goals tab). The list shows the first 5 goals. If there are conversion and retargeting goals on the tag, the conversion goals are displayed first, and then the retargeting goals.

    When you click a goal (or click All goals in the drop-down list), the Conversions report opens.

You can sort the list of tags by name (site domain), number of sessions, page views, or users.

You can use the following tools on this page:

  •  — To edit the tag.
  •  — To manage tags.
  •  — To add a tag to favorites (or remove it from favorites), delete a tag, or go to Yandex.Direct or Yandex.Webmaster.
  1. How to restore deleted tags
  2. Questions and answers

How to restore deleted tags

To restore the tag, go to the Deleted tab. The tag can be restored for three months after its deletion. The collected site statistics will be restored with the tag. After three months, the tag is removed from the deleted list and can't be restored.

Questions and answers

The list shows an unknown tag
If you see an unknown tag in the list of Yandex.Metrica tags, it may be:
  • Another user's tag that you were granted access to. On the Settings page (Access tab), check the tag owner and users with tag edit permissions. Someone you know might have granted you permissions to this tag.
  • A Yandex.Metrica auto-generated tag installed on Yandex services.