Revenue by goal

When a goal is completed, Yandex Metrica can count revenue for that goal. This helps you measure cost-efficiency for the goal. You can set the cost of the product or another value as revenue by goal.

You can set revenue:

If you use both methods, the revenue passed when the goal is converted takes priority. Yandex Metrica saves the revenue when it registers goal conversion.

Yandex Metrica counts revenue for the conversions that occurred after you specified the revenue. If you edit the value, the revenue is counted for the goals converted after the edits.

To track revenue, add a goal or step of a Multi-step goal and the Revenue target metric to the report. To learn more, see How to create a report on a goal. The total revenue for a multi-step goal is not displayed.

Note. Revenue by goal is not used when setting up priority goals in Yandex Direct.
How to specify revenue in Yandex Metrica for any goal
  1. Go to the Goals page in the left menu.
  2. Edit a previously created goal (click ) or add a new goal.
  3. In the Revenue field, specify the value.
How to set revenue in any currency for the “JavaScript event” goal
Example of setting up revenue for a JavaScript event form submission goal:
<script type="text/javascript">
    var goalParams = {
       order_price: 1000.35,
       currency: "RUB"
<form action="" method="get" onsubmit="ym(XXXXXX, 'reachGoal', 'TARGET_NAME', goalParams); return true;">
How to pass revenue for events using the JavaScript API

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Goals in Yandex Metrica work the same way for any source. Perhaps there aren't any users who have completed the goal from this source yet.

This might happen for the following reasons:
  • The goal condition in Yandex Metrica doesn't cover all the possibilities. For example, the goal is set as going to the order confirmation page, but the site also allows instant checkout without visiting this page.
  • The site user has a browser plugin that blocks the Yandex Metrica tag, so this user isn't counted.
  • The user has an antivirus system with strict privacy settings.
  • The user has a slow internet connection, so the Yandex Metrica tag didn't load on the target page.