Media and content project statistics

Yandex Metrica provides a set of tools for meeting the challenges of media and content projects. Using special reports, you can learn which topics and content are most popular, how people read and interact with this content, which sources generate the most traffic, and more. You can use these tools to:
  • Track traffic in real time.
  • Analyse content effectiveness.
  • Study audience behavior for content and categories.
  • Make decisions about developing content projects.

How to get statistics on content

To collect statistics, Yandex Metrica uses micro markup: and Open Graph. It's usually intended for structuring data posted on a site. Marked up information is used by various services, including search engines, for things like generating snippets.

You can use plugins to embed micro markup on your site. They are often developed for search engines. Therefore, they may not be fully suitable for the markup format that Yandex Metrica uses. The difference is that a plugin developed for search engines handles all content of a site's pages, and for Yandex Metrica, you only need to mark up certain attributes (article text, author, topic, category, and so on). As a result, data is either not transmitted to Yandex Metrica and reports are not generated, or redundant data is transmitted (instead of the article text, the entire page text is transmitted) and reports are generated incorrectly.

Attention. If you embed micro markup using a plugin, you'll probably need to modify it. To do this, contact the plugin developer or another professional with development skills.
To receive statistics:
  1. Enable the Content analytics option in the tag settings. Specify what type of markup data you are going to use or already use: (Microdata or JSON-LD) or Open Graph. If you already use both markup versions on your site, select your preferred version.

  2. Install the Yandex Metrica tag on all the pages of your website or make sure the tag was installed correctly. Please note that you need to add the new tag code, which has been available in the settings since December 6, 2018. You can check in the code of the page: the library should be enabled.

  3. Mark up pages with the content you want to analyze. Read more about markup:

Statistics on content and Turbo pages with markup will soon be collected. Reports appear in the section Content a few hours later.

How to check that marked up data is passed to Yandex Metrica