How to create a report for a goal

Information on goals in the Yandex Metrica interface is available in the Conversions report, as well as in all standard and custom reports based on sessions.

Report on a single goal

To show goal statistics, click the Choose goal list in the report table header and select the goal you are interested in.

View a sample goal report for a Yandex Metrica demo tag.

Report on multiple goals

Add conversion metrics to the report: in the menu, choose a metric and select the goals to view data for.

The report will show information about each of the goals you are interested in:

View a sample multiple-goal report for a Yandex Metrica demo tag.

Segmenting by conversions:

Click the Segment button, and in the menu that appears

  1. Click .
  2. Click Behavior → Goal reached.

View an example of a selected segment for a Yandex Metrica demo tag.

Select a question to find a solution.

Goals in Yandex Metrica work the same way for any source. Perhaps there aren't any users who have completed the goal from this source yet.

This might happen for the following reasons:
  • The goal condition in Yandex Metrica doesn't cover all the possibilities. For example, the goal is set as going to the order confirmation page, but the site also allows instant checkout without visiting this page.
  • The site user has a browser plugin that blocks the Yandex Metrica tag, so this user isn't counted.
  • The user has an antivirus system with strict privacy settings.
  • The user has a slow internet connection, so the Yandex Metrica tag didn't load on the target page.