Report on a group of tags

The service lets you make reports using data from multiple tags that have the same label.

These types of reports have the basic Yandex Metrica features (for example, segmentation, settings for dimensions and metrics, and attribution), but do not have information for goals, Session Replay data, or maps. Any user who visited all of the tracked sites in the same day will only be counted once by Yandex Metrica when creating this type of report.

Note. Reports are generated based only on the labels you created (not system labels).

To make a report for multiple tags:

  1. On the page with the list of tags, set the same label for the tags that you want to get statistics for.
  2. Go to the report:
    • On the page with the list of tags, select the label that you set from the list of labels (the All labels button). A page opens with data totals for the selected tags. To go to reports, click Tag statistics.

    • On the page with the report for a different tag, go to the drop-down list of tags and select the group of tags with the set label (it is highlighted like a link).