FAQ about reports

Data is not collected in reports

The main reasons why the tag might not collect data are:

  • The tag is not installed on the site.
  • The tag is installed incorrectly. Check the code snippet.
  • Another Yandex.Metrica tag is installed on your site.
  • Other scripts are blocking the Yandex.Metrica tag on the site. You can check this in the browser console.

    To fix errors, contact the employee who is responsible for website support.

  • The tag is blocked by the Adblock Plus extension.
  • The mc.yandex.ru domain is blocked in the hosts file on your OS.
Yandex.Metrica data differ from other tags

Statistics from multiple tags will always vary. This usually occurs for the following reasons:

  1. The code for the tags is installed incorrectly. Some browsers may ignore this code, while some may be able to handle it.

    The code for tags is installed at the bottom of an HTML page. If the user stops loading such a page and it doesn't load completely, some of the tags may not have time to register the session.

  2. Ad blockers prevent certain tags from being loaded.
  3. Part of the tags do not count the display due to errors on the statistics server or interruptions to the internet connection.
  4. The tags use different data processing algorithms.
Statistics are combined for domains with and without the "www" prefix

If the site is set up incorrectly, its address with the "www" prefix and its address without this prefix are interpreted as two different sites by search engines. To prevent this error from reflecting on tag results, we combine statistics for these domains.

To set up the site correctly, edit the .htaccess file on your server or contact your system administrator.

The “Ad systems” report does not have any data or has incomplete data

For correct calculation of traffic from various ad systems, you must use UTM or OpenStat tags.

For information about using tags, see the instructions for setting up the report.

My site is shown in “Traffic sources: Sites” reports

If a site user is inactive longer than the time specified in the tag settings (the session timeout), and does not close the browser window, a new “session” is created when the user resumes activity. In the report, this session will be shown in the Internal traffic field.

How is the traffic source detected with a JavaScript redirect?

Use the utm_referrer parameter to allow Yandex.Metrica to correctly detect the source of a click when there is a JavaScript redirect, or when users navigate to your site over the HTTP protocol from a site that is only available over HTTPS (more information about switching to HTTPS).

For more information about using tags, see How Yandex.Metrica works with tags.

Data in Yandex.Metrica reports and Yandex.Direct statistics are different

To display information about Yandex.Direct campaigns in Yandex.Metrica reports: In Yandex.Direct, go to the Edit campaign page. Under Yandex.Metrica tags, select the tag installed on your site.

To learn more about the reasons for data discrepancies, see Enabling Yandex.Direct reports.

The link map is not displayed on my site

If the link map, click map, or scroll map does not load when going to the site from Yandex.Metrica, you can use the Extension for Mozilla Firefox or for Google Chrome. These extensions let you quickly go to Yandex.Metrica statistics and launch the link map, click map, and scroll map.

The number of users in the “Totals and averages” line differs from the total of the values

The total number of users in the Totals and averages line is calculated as the number of users over the selected time period, not as the total of all users.

Reports for a specific day show the number of users that visited the site on that day. Some of these users might return to the site on another day. In the daily statistics, these users will be recounted, but they will only be counted once in the Totals and averages line.

As a result, the total number of users in the Totals and averages line is lower than the total of all the users for all the days in the specified time period.

What are incompatible conditions?

When you switch from report to report, the segmentation conditions are saved. If the supported conditions are different, a message about their incompatibility appears in Yandex.Metrica. In this case, delete the conditions and set a new segment.