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  1. Statistics on search phrases used on the site
  2. Restrictions
Note. The goal is created automatically if the Automatic goals option is enabled in the tag settings.You can manage this goal just like other automatic goals.

If users can search for a product, service, or information on your site, you can track this. The “Site search” goal helps you find out how often people use the search.

To do this, set a special goal in Yandex Metrica. Yandex Metrica recognizes addresses by the presence of q, text, query, or search. If the site uses a different parameter, you can manually specify it in the goal.

The goal will work if there is at least one match in the GET parameters. For example:

<a href="">Search</a>

The goal is achieved when a request is sent with the specified parameter. To view goal statistics, use the Conversions report and add the goal to other Yandex Metrica reports. In addition, you can view statistics on search phrases that people use on the site.

To create a goal manually:
  1. In Yandex Metrica, go to the Goals page in the left menu.
  2. Click Add goal.
  3. In the Name field, enter a name for the goal to create.
  4. Select the Site search goal type.
  5. Check which GET parameter is used for searching on your site.
    How to find the parameter

    To find out which parameter is responsible for the site search, look at the URL of the page with the site search results:

    In the example, the search phrase is sent in the parameter poisk.

    • If it is q, text, query, or search, go to item 6.
    • If it is something else, click Additional settings and in the field, specify the parameter.
  6. Click Add goal. The created goal will appear in the list of goals. Yandex Metrica will start collecting statistics on it within a few minutes.
  7. You can check whether the goal is working in the Conversions report. Data should appear in it. To check, perform a target action on the site. If Don't count my sessions is set as a filter, check the goals on the site in the browser's private mode (for example, Incognito mode in Yandex Browser).

Statistics on search phrases used on the site

You can track statistics on the phrases that people use when searching for information on your site. Yandex Metrica collects this data even if the goal “Site search” is not configured.

Use this report to:

  • Track which product, service, or information is difficult to find on the site without searching.
  • Find out which product, service, or information is in high demand.
  • Use search information to optimize the site.

To create a report:

  1. Go to Standard reports → Content → URL parameters.
  2. Specify the segment Behavior → View → URL parameter.
  3. Select the URL parameter that is used for searching on the site. For example, q.
  4. Click Apply.


  • This type of goal can't be used in Multi-step goals.
  • The service registers a user that completes the same goal on the same tag no more than once per second.
  • During a single user session, the service can register up to 400 completions of all the goals created for a tag.
  • If you edit a tag or goal, previously collected information doesn't change.
  • If you delete a goal, information collected for it, is no longer available in reports.

Select a question to find a solution.

Goals in Yandex Metrica work the same way for any source. Perhaps there aren't any users who have completed the goal from this source yet.

This might happen for the following reasons:
  • The goal condition in Yandex Metrica doesn't cover all the possibilities. For example, the goal is set as going to the order confirmation page, but the site also allows instant checkout without visiting this page.
  • The site user has a browser plugin that blocks the Yandex Metrica tag, so this user isn't counted.
  • The user has an antivirus system with strict privacy settings.
  • The user has a slow internet connection, so the Yandex Metrica tag didn't load on the target page.