Website that offers products or services online

If you own an online store or a website that lets users buy or pay for something, please configure Yandex Metrica as follows:

  1. Create a JavaScript event goal and track your purchase funnel with Composite goals.
  2. Set up offline conversions. You can also set up calls if you use a call tracker. This helps you bind real-world actions to online events, such as viewing a product on a website before purchasing it in your store.
  3. If your website was added to Yandex Webmaster, configure page indexing with the installed Yandex Metrica tag.
Tip. You can transmit session and user parameters and set them up so that you receive detailed statistics about user actions on your website. For example, you can compare actions between users who signed in to your website and users who didn't.

It's generally a good idea to keep track of the following reports as you manage your website:

Challenge Solution
Find out where your traffic comes from The Sources, summary report helps you determine the most effective channels for attracting users, including other websites and ads.
Determine the website conversion rate from offline activities

Better understand client behavior and follow their path: from visiting the site to offline activities, like phone calls.

Tools to help you:
Gauge the quality and effectiveness of your order form Make sure the fields in your order don't create difficulties for users. You can use Form analysis to see how users respond to your forms.
Determine the most popular product categories, brands, and product positions
Learn how engaged traffic is distributed between different types of devices View the Cross-device report.
Determine which ads, advertising channels, and ad campaigns were the most effective
Tools to help you: