Information site with ads

If you want to place ads on a multi-page website with frequent content updates (such as a news site), configure Yandex.Metrica as follows:

  1. Enable the following:
  2. Set up your goals to track important user actions on the website. Such actions include viewing a particular page or clicking a particular button.
  3. If you monetize the site using the Yandex Advertising Network or Adfox, enable reports (YAN, Adfox).
  4. If your website was added to Yandex.Webmaster, configure page indexing with the installed Yandex.Metrica tag.
Tip. You can transmit session and user parameters and set them up so that you receive detailed statistics about user actions on your website. For example, you can compare actions between users who signed in to your website and users who didn't.

It's generally a good idea to keep track of the following reports as you manage your website:

Challenge Solution
Find out where your traffic comes from The Sources, summary report helps you determine the most effective channels for attracting users, including other websites and ads.
Find out how many users know your website address by heart You can view the Sources, summary report to find out.
Identify the most popular articles
Tools to help you:
Learn how your userbase prefers to engage with your content Pay attention to content-related statistics, such as scrolls, full reads, and reading time.
Identify design flaws in your website

You can use the following tools to learn more about the way users navigate your website and the actions they perform:

  • Session Replay lets you learn more about user behavior on your website. This can be used to find out if your userbase finds the website easy to navigate. Usually, if a user has trouble navigating your website, their cursor movements are erratic and they don't follow the links in an expected pattern.
  • The Click map helps you identify the most clicked areas on your site pages.
  • The Exit pages report helps you track how users navigated your website during their session from start to finish.
Find new ways to improve revenue
If you use the Yandex Advertising Network or Adfox to serve ads on the site, the following tools can help:
Learn how engaged traffic is distributed between different types of devices Use the Cross-device attribution.