Viewing Session Replay recordings

Attention. When playing a recording of a session, Session Replay hides the values of password fields as well as other objects marked with a special CSS class.

Setting up a recording list

Select segment condition

Session replay supports standard segmentation. For example, you can filter a recording list so that only smartphone sessions are displayed.

You can also segment data by recording characteristics (for example, you can filter out every replay except for the ones you already watched). To do this, find the condition group Sessions in which, click , and select the Session Replay group. This group isn't available in other Yandex Metrica reports.

Filter by value

For example, you can filter your list so that only sessions that start on a specific page are displayed. To do this, click in the Landing page column and specify the page URL in the window that opens.

You can also filter sessions by their characteristics. To do this, click in the recording field.

View session information

To view session information, click in the recording field. You can learn more about sessions in the Site users report.

View a session recording

You can use the player to see cursor movement, page changes, new pages in a browser tab, and button and link clicks.

Select a question to find a solution.

The page content in the recording may be different from the actual content. It's likely that the CSS on the site frequently changes. In this case, add the content hash to the style file names. Then, when you change the file's content, its name will change. For example: style.390b32d4d49d5e7d.css will be changed to style.0c573d460df87d4de5a4.css. This lets Session Replay use the style that the site visitor sees when it records a session.

Do the following:

  • Clear the browser cache.
  • Disable all plugins and browser extensions.
  • Delete browser cookies.
  • Check the firewall settings. The firewall may be blocking the Yandex Metrica tag script. The tag could also be blocked by the extension Adblock Plus.

If you have more questions about Session Replay, submit them in the form below. Provide an example of the session where data was displayed incorrectly and specify the full version of your browser.