Add music to your library

Like tracks, playlists, albums, artists, and podcasts

All tracks, mixes, albums, artists, and podcasts that you marked with a are added to your library.

You can add a track or podcast episode while you're listening to it from the player or track list. To add a track from the list, hold your cursor over it and click on the track.

There are also two ways to add a podcast, playlist, album, or artist:
  • Open the playlist, album, podcast, or artist and click under the name.
  • Hover over the playlist, album, podcast, or artist in the list and click on the image.

All tracks and podcast episodes you liked are automatically saved to My favorites.

You can find playlists marked with in Playlists → Favorites.

To view the albums you liked, go to Albums, and Artists to view your favorite artists.

A podcast marked with goes to Podcasts. When a new episode come out, you receive a notification.

You can also like tracks in the mobile app for Android, for iOS, and for Windows, as well as on Yandex.Radio. Tracks that you like on Yandex.Radio are added to the Liked on Yandex.Radio playlist.

Tip. To make sure tracks, playlists, albums, artists, and podcasts are added to your library, always use the same account.

Add tracks to playlists

When you add a track to a playlist, it's automatically added to your music library.

Import tracks to Yandex Music

Choose the import method you would like to learn more about:

You can import tracks from your computer to your music library. You can even upload tracks that are already available in the Yandex Music catalog.

Attention. Music on the service is hosted based on license agreements with the copyright holders. In order to legally listen to tracks that are uploaded from your computer, make sure that the copyright holder has allowed the tracks to be hosted on Yandex.Music. If you want to post your own compositions on the service, read the conditions for posting music.
  1. In the upper-right corner of the page, click My collection.
  2. Go to the Playlists tab.
  3. Create a new playlist or open an existing one.
  4. Under the playlist description, click Upload track and select files from your computer.
Restriction. You can upload up to 10,000 tracks from your computer under one account.

Tracks you upload are marked with a and are accessible only to you. You can't share them with other Yandex.Music users. If you create a playlist out of tracks you uploaded and share it with friends, they will get an empty playlist. If you delete tracks that you uploaded from the playlist, they will still be available in Tracks → My MP3s.

You can also upload music from the program for Windows. However, these tracks will only be available on your computer.

To learn more about importing music from a mobile device, see Help for Yandex Music for Android and for iOS.

You can import tracks to your Yandex.Music library using one of these methods:
  1. Go to the audio recordings list on another service.
  2. Select all the tracks and copy their names as plain text.
  3. On the import music collections page, add the track list to the yellow field.
  4. Click Find.

Yandex.Music will match the track names in the list to its own catalog. You can save any tracks it finds to your library individually, or add them to an existing or new playlist. If it turns out that you have more than 10,000 tracks to import, Yandex Music divides them into multiple playlists.

You can also transfer playlists from Deezer.

Note. If Yandex.Music doesn't have rights to an imported track, the service will select a track that is as close as possible or a different version of the track.

Expand your music library in the Yandex Music app

In the web version, you can also like tracks, albums, artists, and podcasts, add tracks to playlists, import tracks from devices, and like tracks on Yandex.Radio. Learn more about it in the Help for Yandex Music for Android, for iOS, and for Windows.

Note. Yandex Music sends out notifications about concerts and new tracks by the artists in your music library, and new podcasts episodes. You can change your notification settings in the service settings.