Music that represents a certain mood, genre, or artist

There are a few ways to listen to music of a particular genre, be it spiritual, festive, classical, or rock.

Find a mix you like on the “Home” page

To do this, go to Mixes and Genres. On this tab, you will find playlists grouped by genre, epoch, activity, and mood. The Yandex.Music team hand picks the tracks for mixes and includes tracks that share a common theme. You can listen to mixes even if you don't pay for a subscription.

Select music on the “Genres” page.

On the Genres page, you can search for music and listen to radio stations playing tracks for a certain mood, activity, or genre. To listen to music of a particular genre or mood or find music appropriate for a particular activity, click All and use the drop-down list next to the genre button.

Listen to a radio station for a genre or artist

Yandex.Music radio is a continuous streaming service that plays music in a genre of your choice or in the style of a particular artist.

When you add a radio based on genre to the player, tracks in that genre will play and the system will factor in your preferences.

When you select a radio station based on an artist, the player will play tracks from that artist as well as those of similar artists.

For some artists and genres, there may not be a radio station. This is either because there are not a lot of tracks or not many people have listened to those artists or genres on the service.

To turn on a genre-based radio station:
  1. On the Genres page, select a genre.
  2. Click Radio genre.
To turn on an artist's radio station:
  1. Go to the artist's page.
  2. Click Radio.
Attention. The radio station for that artist will play the artist's tracks as well as similar tracks made by other artists. If you only want to listen to tracks from one artist, click Listen on that artist's page.

You can select a radio station based on various moods. For some genres, you can also select what language you want the music to be in.

To set up a radio station, click in the player and select an option.