Podcast Catalog

All podcasts hosted on Yandex Music are automatically sorted in the appropriate category in the podcast catalog. It's up to the podcaster to decide on the category: they select the category on their hosting service, in the RSS feed.

You can view the catalog under Podcasts. To open it in the Yandex Music mobile app, tap Podcasts at the bottom of the screen. In the web interface, you can find Podcasts at the top of the page.

  1. How does the podcast catalog work?
  2. How do I place a podcast in the right category in the catalog?
  3. What should I do if my subcategory is missing from the catalog?
  4. Will the catalog change?
  5. Can a podcast fall into several categories at once?
  6. What should I do if my hosting service has different categories?
  7. Can the Yandex Music team change the placement of a podcast in the catalog?

How does the podcast catalog work?

The catalog is based on genres presented on most hosting sites: each category on Yandex Music is linked to certain categories on hosting sites. All the main categories are saved on Yandex Music, but in some cases, they are different from folders on hosting services:

Similar categories have merged: Education and Science are now one category (Science and Education), while Leisure and part of the Arts category have become Crafts and Hobbies.
Some subcategories won't appear until more podcasts on the relevant topics are uploaded. For example, there's no breakdown by religion under Religion and Mysticism yet, and only the sports that are most popular in podcasts are featured separately in the Sport category.
Some subcategories have been moved. For example, on hosting sites, Food features under Art, but in the Yandex Music catalog, Food is included in Crafts and Hobbies.
There's a specific category for narrative podcasts in Russian. Narrative includes documentary podcasts, true crime, fiction, and audio shows.

How do I place a podcast in the right category in the catalog?

Choose the most precise categories in the RSS feed. For example, Work and Business as the main category contains a lot of podcasts. Listeners will find you easier if you place your podcast in the Career subcategory, which contains fewer podcasts.

See below how categories in the Yandex Music catalog correspond to categories on hosting services.

Podcast categories table
Yandex Music catalog Categories on hosting sites
Technology Technology
Work and Business Business
Entrepreneurship Business/Entrepreneurship
Finance and Investment Business/Investing
Marketing Business/Marketing
Management and Productivity Business/Management
Family Kids & Family
For Parents Kids & Family/Parenting
For kids

Kids & Family/Stories for Kids

Kids & Family/Education for Kids

Home and Pets

Kids & Family/Pets & Animals

Leisure/Home & Garden

Crafts and Hobbies Leisure
Hobbies Leisure/Hobbies

Leisure/Video Games


Design Arts/Design
Fashion and Beauty Arts/Fashion & Beauty
Food Arts/Food
Cars Leisure/Automotive
Health and Lifestyle Health & Fitness
Mental Well-Being Health & Fitness/Mental Health
Medicine Health & Fitness/Medicine
Sex Appeal Health & Fitness/Sexuality
Fitness and Yoga Health & Fitness/Fitness
Healthy Diet Health & Fitness/Nutrition
Health and Harmony Health & Fitness/Alternative Health
Art Arts
Visual arts Arts/Visual Arts
Theater and Performances Arts/Performing Arts
Books Arts/Books
Movies and TV TV & Film
Discussions and Reviews TV & Film/Film Reviews
Film History TV & Film/Film History
Interviews and the Industry TV & Film/Film Interviews


True Crime

Society & Culture/Documentary

Eyewitness Accounts

Society & Culture/Documentary

True Crime True Crime
Fiction and Audio Dramas Fiction
Music Music
Discussions and Reviews Music/Music Commentary
History of Music Music/Music History
Interviews and the Industry Music/Music Interviews
Science and Education Science, Education, History
Pop Science Science
Education Education
History History
Self-Improvement and Advice

Education/How To



Language Learning Education/Language Learning
News News
On the Agenda News/Daily News
Politics News/Politics
News Roundup News/News Commentary
Technology News News/Tech News
Business News News/Business News
Sports News News/Sports News
Society and Culture Society & Culture
Philosophy Society & Culture/Philosophy
Psychology of Relationships Society & Culture/Relationships Science/Social Sciences
World and Travel Society & Culture/Places & Travel
Personal stories Society & Culture/Personal Journals
Religion and Mysticism Religion & Spirituality

Religion & Spirituality/Religion

Religion & Spirituality/Christianity

Religion & Spirituality/Hinduism

Religion & Spirituality/Islam

Religion & Spirituality/Judaism

Religion & Spirituality/Buddhism

Mysticism Religion & Spirituality/Spirituality
Sport Sports



Basketball Sports/Basketball
Running Sports/Running
Hockey Sports/Hockey
Humor Comedy
Funny Conversations


Comedy/Comedy Interviews

Jokes and Stand-Up Comedy/Stand-Up

What should I do if my subcategory is missing from the catalog?

If your podcast is marked with a missing subcategory, it still ends up in the catalog, in the corresponding parent category. For example, a podcast marked as Sports/Swimming won't feature in a separate category. It will appear under the main category Sport.

Will the catalog change?

Of course! We are watching how podcasting develops and various genres gain popularity. Categories will be updated. For example, if more podcasts on existing topics appear, we'll turn some subcategories into full-fledged categories. New subcategories will be added for new topics.

Can a podcast fall into several categories at once?

Yes, it can. The podcast will fall into all categories specified in the RSS feed.

What should I do if my hosting service has different categories?

On some hosting services, the categories differ: they may use an outdated genre system or spell names differently. Our catalog contains all possible spellings and keywords, but we still recommend using hosting services with an up-to-date genre system (for example, Anchor, Libsyn, Buzzsprout, Simplecast).

Can the Yandex Music team change the placement of a podcast in the catalog?

If your podcast falls into an obviously incorrect category, the Yandex Music team reserves the right to move it.