Problem listening to music or podcasts

Tell us about the problem:

  • If you use an antivirus, firewall, or proxy server, turn it off temporarily.

  • If you are logged into Yandex, try changing the type of player you use in the browser (HTML 5 or Flash). Go to the service settings and in the Other group, select a player from the Player type list.

    Note. If the HTML 5 player is not available, update your browser to the latest version.
  • If the equalizer is turned on in the player, disable it.
  • If you listen to music using your mobile device, install the Yandex Music app. The web version is not designed for listening on mobile devices.

If these recommendations don't help, contact customer support. Specify which tracks or podcasts aren't playing. Add the diagnostic information to the feedback form.

The service catalog may include several versions of the same track or podcast with different levels of quality. The track version is usually selected automatically, depending on your internet speed. If you have a subscription, you can select track quality in the player. For more information, see the High sound quality subsection.

Yandex Music receives all its tracks and podcasts from copyright holders. The service team make sure that the tracks aren't distorted or damaged. If you notice any distortion in the recording, please let us know.