A track, album, artist, or podcast is missing

All music on the service is hosted in accordance with license agreements with the copyright holders. If you can't find the tracks you are looking for, it means that they were not included in any contracts. Additionally, part of the catalog is only available to Yandex.Music subscribers as stipulated by the rights holders.

Yandex is always attempting to expand its music catalog and tries to get as many rights holders involved as possible. Let us know what music you would like to hear on the service, and we will try to get the rights to host it. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that we will acquire those rights.

If you want to post your own compositions on the service, read the conditions for posting music.

Note. To find out when new tracks from your favorite artist are added to the service, click for that artist. Make sure that the New releases option is enabled under the Notifications tab in the service settings.

All podcasts on Yandex Music are uploaded at the podcast author's initiative. If you can't find a podcast on Yandex Music, this means that its author stopped recording it or uploading it to the service.

If you want to upload your own podcasts to Yandex Music, read the Podcast uploading terms and conditions.