Select a player

The player is selected automatically by default. Your browser and browser speed are taken into account during this selection.

If you have Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, you can choose the player (Flash or HTML5):
  1. Go to your settings.
  2. On the Other tab to the right of the Type of player, click Choose automatically.
  3. Select a player from the list.

Manage player

You can manage your listening options in the player at the bottom of the screen and from the playback list. To open your playback list, click in the player.

Control the playback process in the player

To control the order that tracks are played in, use the following icons:

Icon Action
Go to the previous track.
or Play or pause a track.
Go to the next track.
Open the listening queue.
Add a track to your library.
Add a track to your listening queue or playlist.
Share a track.
Don't recommend a track anymore.
Turn on high quality sound.
Play tracks in random order.
, click once Repeat a list of tracks.
, click twice Repeat the current track.
Adjust the volume.

To adjust the volume gradually, without any drastic changes, go to Yandex Music settings and enable the Logarithmic volume scale option.

Change podcast playback speed.

Managing your playback queue

Add tracks

On all Yandex Music pages, you can see the following icons displayed for all tracks and albums (either continuously or when you hold your cursor over them):

  • — play music.
  •  → — add music to the playback queue or playlist.

View tracks

To view your listening queue, click in the player.

Note. You cannot view the playlist while listening to Yandex Music Radio.
Change the order of tracks
  1. Go to your listening queue.
  2. Click and hold a track, then drag it to a location in the list.
Delete tracks from your listening queue
To delete:
  • One track — hover over it and click
  • All tracks — click Clear in the upper-right corner.

Setting up the equalizer

Restriction. The equalizer is available only in Yandex Browser, Firefox, Chrome, Opera (except version 12). The equalizer is not supported in other browsers.
To turn on the equalizer:
  1. Click in the player bar.
  2. At the top of the volume scale, click .
  3. Set the frequencies or select automatic settings from the list under Default.
To turn off the equalizer:
  1. Click in the player bar.
  2. At the top of the volume scale, click .
  3. In the upper left corner of the window that opens, switch the On setting to Off.

HQ audio

The catalog may include the same track with different sound quality. In standard mode, track quality is selected automatically. It's usually MP3 with a 192 Kbps bitrate. To play music with a 320 Kbps bitrate, click (High Quality) in the player. In high quality mode, the highest quality version of the track will always play.

Note. Sound quality does not change immediately, but rather with the next track. If you want to listen to the current track in high quality, play it again.

High quality sound is only available with a paid subscription. You will use more data if you listen to music at a high bitrate.

Other technical specifications

Keyboard shortcuts

In most browsers, you can control the player using keyboard shortcuts under the active tab in Yandex Music:

Key Action
+ and Adjust volume.
0 Turn the sound off or on without interrupting playback.
P or spacebar Stop or start a track.
Shift + > Fast forward 5 seconds.
Shift + < Rewind 5 seconds back.
K Go to the previous track.
L Go to the next track.
F Add a track to your library.
D Don't recommend a track anymore.