You can buy a Yandex Music subscription for a month or a year. You can only subscribe in a country where the service is available.
Note. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can enjoy special conditions. For more information, see the Trial period subsection.
  1. Why do I need a subscription?

Why do I need a subscription?

You can take advantage of all Yandex Music features, including listening to any track or podcast, in the web version. But for users who don't have a subscription, ads play from time to time. Restrictions also apply to the Yandex Music mobile app: without a subscription, you can only listen to radio, mixes, and recommended tracks..

With a subscription, you can:
Restriction. In Israel, you can only use all the features of the web version of Yandex.Music after you have paid for your subscription.

Your subscription is linked to your account and works in both the web version and the Yandex Music app on different devices. Additionally, with a paid subscription you can use the paid functions of Yandex.Radio: skip any number of tracks and listen to radio without ads. Just use the same account on both services.

The money received from subscriptions and ads goes to paying royalties to copyright holders and artists, and is invested into further improving Yandex Music.