Yandex.Radio is a free music service within Yandex Music that compiles music to fit any situation.

Yandex.Radio is available in the web interface and on devices running Android 4.1 and later or iOS 11 and later.

You can select music by genre, mood, activity, era, etc.

To listen to music on Yandex.Radio, log in with your Yandex ID.

  1. How to customize Yandex.Radio
  2. For You Station

How to customize Yandex.Radio

You can customize your radio station to reflect your musical tastes: the more you listen to Yandex.Radio, the better your personalized recommendations will get.

To make recommendations more accurate:

  • In the lower-left corner, click and select new tracks or tracks to fit a specific mood.
  • Rate tracks using the and icons. The icon doesn't make an artist disappear from Yandex.Radio completely, but they're less likely to play again.

Your favorite tracks are added to the Liked on Yandex.Radio playlist in My collection. If you want to reset your recommendations, delete the Liked on Yandex.Radio playlist from your music library.

For You Station

For your personalized station For you, the algorithm selects the music that you will definitely like. You don't need to choose a genre, mood, or activity. The selection of tracks depends entirely on the music you listened to and liked.