Moderation of road events

Road events and conversations are moderated. Moderation rules:

  1. “Accidents”, “Cameras”, “Road work”, and “Other” events should only contain information about the road event itself.
  2. “Conversations” is only intended as a platform to discuss topics related to the current road situation.

A message of either type will be flagged under the following circumstances:

  1. It violates the law.
  2. It contains obscene or vulgar language. In this case, an expression where letters are replaced with asterisks or other symbols is still obscene if native speakers can easily substitute the missing letters and then read and understand the expression.
  3. It incites hatred or attempts to humiliate a person or group based on their sex, race, nationality, language, country of origin, religious beliefs or membership in a particular social group.
  4. It contains ads.
  5. It contains an incomprehensible mix of words or letters.
  6. It contains a phone number or other contact information.
  7. It contains political slogans or appeals to action.
  8. It contains messages about upcoming terrorist acts or other similar statements that we cannot verify and that frighten users.

A user can be blocked because of messages with unacceptable content. The first block is lifted in 24 hours. The block will not be lifted after your second offense.