Road events

Road events are points on the map that are associated with certain events (for example, accidents).

Configure how road events are displayed

  1. Tap  (profile picture). If you haven't logged in, tap .
  2. Tap Settings → Map and interface → Road events.

  3. Enable the Road events option.

  4. Disable the option for road events that you don't want to see on the map or on the route. You can choose which road events you want to see:

    • On the map
      Types of road events
      • — Accident
      • — Road work
      • — Conversations (text messages from other users)
      • — Closures
      • — Raised bridges
      • — Dangerous road sections
      • — Other
      • — Speed cameras
      • — Parking cameras
      • — Lane monitoring cameras
      • — Road marking cameras
      • — Mobile stakeouts
      • — Intersection monitoring cameras
    • On the route
      Types of road events

      By default, all road events on the route are enabled.

      • — Accident
      • — Road work
      • — Conversations (text messages from other users)
      • — Closures
      • — Dangerous road sections
      • — No passing zones
      • — Watch out for pedestrians
      • — Dangerous intersections
      • — School zones
      • — Raised bridges
      • — Other
      • — Speed cameras
      • — Parking cameras
      • — Lane monitoring cameras
      • — Road marking cameras
      • — Mobile stakeouts
      • — Intersection monitoring cameras
      • — User cameras
      • — Speed bumps
  5. Set up voice notifications about events.

Add an event if you encounter an accident, camera, or roadworks that are not yet added to the map.

Add a temporary road event

Attention. The information about road events that you add doesn't contain your personal or vehicle data.

To add a road event, sign in with Yandex ID. If you're logged in, add a road event:

  1. To start adding road events, use one of the following methods:

    • On the map:

      1. Tap and hold a map point.
      2. Tap Add road alert.
  2. Select the type of event.

    Road event types
    • — Accident
    • — Road work
    • — Cameras
    • — Other
    • — Conversations

    Please note that the Raised bridges and Closures events may appear on the map, but you can't add these events.

  3. If you're adding an Accident or Road work event, choose the traffic lane that's affected.
  4. Add a comment to the event by manually entering the text.
  5. Tap Send.

The added event will include the name from your profile. To see comments, tap on the event icon.

All road events are subject to moderation.

Moderation rules
  1. Accidents, Cameras, Road work, and Other events should only contain information about the road event itself.
  2. Conversations is only intended as a platform to discuss topics related to the current road situation.

A message of either type will be flagged if it contains:

  1. Violations of the law.
  2. Obscene or vulgar language. This includes obscenities where part of the letters are replaced by stars or other symbols, yet the intended meaning is read and understood by native speakers.
  3. Incitements of hatred or attempts to humiliate a person or group based on their sex, race, nationality, language, country of origin, religious beliefs, or membership of a particular social group.
  4. Advertising.
  5. Incomprehensible groups of words or letters.
  6. Phone number or other contact information.
  7. Political slogans or appeals to action.
  8. Reports of upcoming terrorist attacks or other extreme situations that we cannot verify and that may frighten other users.

If a user's messages have inappropriate content, the user may be banned in the app. If a user is blocked for the first time, the block is lifted in 24 hours. After the second offense, the block will not be lifted.

Add a permanent road event

To add information about a permanent road event, such as a stationary surveillance camera, follow the steps outlined under Add a place:

  1. Select the Other item type.
  2. Add a description, such as “Speed camera”.

Manage a road event

All road events can be seen by other users for a certain amount of time. You can confirm or cancel these events. To do this:

  1. Tap a road event.
  2. Confirm or dispute it by tapping:
    • Up to date or Outdated for Android devices.
    • Still there and Not anymore for iOS devices.

Confirming a road event makes it stay on the map a while longer.

“Conversations” disappear after 20 minutes. When other users support the event, its display time increases by an additional 20 minutes.


How long do road events stay on the map?
Road events stay on the map for the following lengths of time:
  • Accident: 1 hour (10 minutes without a description).
  • Road work: 4 hours (1 hour without a description).
  • Speed camera: 4 hours (1 hour without a description).
  • Conversations: 20 minutes.
  • Closure: According to schedule.
  • Raised bridges: According to schedule.
  • Other: 15 minutes.
Why do road events disappear after I restart the app?
Initially, only you can see an event that you added. It becomes visible to other users after moderation. If you restart the app, the event may temporarily disappear until the app receives up-to-date information from the server. Wait a few minutes and check again.
Why did a “Speed camera” event disappear?

Events can disappear from the map if:

  • More than an hour has passed since the speed camera was added (or more than four hours if the added event had a description), and other users haven't confirmed this road event.

  • You've finished the route.

I'm trying to add a road event, but the app says "You are too far from this point".
You can only add a road event if you're within a 1 km radius of its location.