Yandex.Navigator doesn't find my precise location

Attention. Yandex.Navigator gets location information from your device.

If your location is determined incorrectly, follow these steps:

Enable location detection (GPS)

Enable location detection and wait until the device starts displaying it. The device must be in an open area during this process.

It is best to always keep location services enabled, since this will noticeably reduce the time it takes to search for satellites when running apps that rely on your GPS and hence they will work faster.

If necessary, use the device settings to prevent individual apps from accessing your location information.

Check your GPS signal using other apps

Install a third-party app, such as GPS Test, to check the GPS signal. Launch it when you see that Yandex.Navigator has operational problems. The location should be determined with an accuracy of about 15 meters.

If other apps that require access to your location do not work, the problem is probably with your device an it needs to be repaired.

Allow the app to get your location data

Yandex.Navigator cannot work correctly if it does not receive geolocation information. Enable access to this info in your device settings.

Enable mobile internet

Location data from your mobile network helps satellites determine your location more accurately. Turn on mobile internet and make sure your account balance is positive. To check an internet connection, visit any website.

Enable accurate location detection

Enable location services based on satellite data, cellular data, and Wi-Fi.

Other modes, for example, those relying only on either satellite or Wi-Fi data, do not accurately detect your location and are not suitable for navigation apps.

Turn off power-save mode on your device

Most power-save modes disable location detection.

Make sure you a GPS signal is available

Hold your device under the windshield of your car. Barriers like a car's roof, thick foliage, or multi-story buildings reduce the quality of the GPS signal and can block it completely.

Install the official version of the operating system

Many unofficial operating system versions have been insufficiently tested, and GPS modules sometimes report inaccurate information when running on this software.