Visual tracking

As you move along your route, Yandex.Navigator shows:

Route segment

To view the entire route, tap . To return to the current route segment, tap .

Route parameters:
  • Distance to the destination and estimated time of arrival.
  • Traffic jams along the route.
  • Upcoming turn and distance to it.
  • Speed limit on the route segment.
    Note. If Yandex.Navigator displays an incorrect speed limit, tap on the limit icon and select the appropriate value.
Traffic lanes
Lanes are displayed in a popup. Lanes that you can take on your route are shown white and those you can't take are gray.
Attention. If the North is always up setting is enabled, the lanes are not displayed.

Lane directions are shown in some large cities, when making complex turns and at intersections. They are also shown if the driver needs to choose certain lanes.

If a lane is intended for a particular type of transport, such as buses or bikes, a special designation will appear next to it.

If you want Yandex.Navigator to warn you about cameras, speeding, and road conditions, set up voice warnings for road alerts.

Background navigation

Yandex.Navigator can run in the background, i.e., guide you along your route and give you hints when the app is minimized. Background navigation can work both with and without a set route.

To configure Yandex.Navigator's background operation:

  1. Tap .
  2. Go to Settings → Advanced settings → Navigation → Background navigation.
  3. Turn on When driving freely and When following routes.