Search on map

How to search

In Yandex Navigator, you can search for:

Geographic locality
  • By its name.

    The search results for [Oxford] will show the city and the university.

  • By the combination of a geographic locality and its type.

    The search results for [Oxford University] will show the university specifically.

  • By the place coordinates.

    The search results for [79°30′ N 76°54′ E] will show Vize Island in the Kara Sea.

  • By its name or type.

    The search results for [pharmacy] will show all pharmacies within the map view.

  • By the combination of the name/type and locality.

    The search results for [pharmacy, street name] will show pharmacies on and around the street.

Find a place

  1. On the home screen, enter your query in the search bar.

    Suggestions under the search bar help you find results faster.

  2. A list of places will appear under the search bar.

To see the details about a place, tap its name in the list or the placemark: the object card will open. To close the card, tap in the top-right corner.

If you search for a place by its coordinates, make sure you enter them correctly:

  • Enter the coordinates as [latitude, longitude] (in decimal degrees with no more than 7 digits after the decimal point, comma-separated, no space).

    For example: 55.777044,37.555554.

  • By default, the system shows [North latitude, East longitude]. To specify different values, you can use characters in your search query:

    • N — North
    • S — South
    • E — East
    • W — West

    For example: S55.777044,W37.555554 or 55.777044S,37.555554W.

    Restriction. You can search for up to 10 places using coordinates per day.

Quick search

In Yandex Navigator, you can do quick search by popular categories, like “Restaurants”, “Groceries”, “Pharmacies”, and “Cinemas”.

To quickly find a place that you're looking for, use one of the following methods:

Using the search button
  1. At the bottom-left of the screen, tap .
  2. Select a category. Organizations of the selected type will be displayed on the map.

  3. You can see found places in the slide-out panel in the bottom of the screen.

    The filter buttons are located above the list. To see only relevant places in the list, click the appropriate filter button. For example, you can filter “Food” by category: Breakfast, Business lunch, or Play room.

    To see all available filters, tap .

    To open an object card, select the place in the list or on the map.

While moving along a route
  1. At the bottom-left of the screen, tap .
  2. Select the desired category. Places in this category will be displayed along the route.

Clear your search history

Your search history is saved if you're signed in in the app.

You can delete:

Your entire search history
  1. Tap  (profile picture).
  2. Select Settings → Clear search and route history.
  3. Tap Clear history.
An individual address
  1. Tap on the search bar.
  2. Go to the History tab.
  3. Tap and hold the address you want to delete.
  4. Tap Delete.
The search history doesn't disappear after deletion

You may have the Yandex Navigator app installed on your device. If so, clear the search history in the app:

  1. Open Yandex Navigator.
  2. Tap  (profile picture).
  3. Select Settings → Clear search and route history.
  4. Tap Clear history.

After clearing your search history, the app may continue to suggest places you visited previously. The search suggestions disappear after a while if you don't tap them.