How it works

Offline mode lets you search for addresses and set routes without an internet connection (for example, in underground parking lots or outside the city).

To use Yandex.Navigator in the offline mode, download a map beforehand.

To set a route that goes through several regions, download a map of each region.

Offline route
Yandex.Navigator automatically turns on the offline mode if the mobile signal fades or disappears. The app sets a route based on the downloaded map, but without taking into account traffic jams, cameras or road events, as it gets this data from the network.
Internet connection disappeared along the way
If the network is lost when you are on the way, Yandex.Navigator goes on guiding you along the route. The offline mode turns on automatically if you turn away from the route. Yandex.Navigator sets a new route and guides you based on the available map. When the internet connection is restored, the offline mode is turned off and the route is reset according to the current traffic situation.