Set a route from my current location

  1. Tap .
  2. Fill out the To field however you like:
    • Enter the place name or address.
    • Put a point on the map.
    • Select a place from your Favorites.
    • Select from the saved locations: Home or Work.
    • Select a route from the History tab.
  3. You can specify route parameters and choose the time and date of departure, if you want.
    How to select the departure time and date

    Tap , select the departure date and time, and tap Done. The app will calculate the travel time.

    If you start moving along a route planned for later, Yandex Navigator will suggest the route that is currently optimal. The app will recalculate travel time depending on the current traffic conditions.

    To reset the settings, tap Reset.

  4. If Yandex Navigator offers multiple routes, choose one.
  5. Tap Go.

If Yandex Navigator can't find your location or it's identified incorrectly, check the device settings.