Terms and requirements

Yandex.Market hosts stores that take orders on the Internet and deliver them to the buyer's address (via a courier or delivery service) or that have a pickup point.

  1. Restrictions on product categories
  2. Store requirements

Restrictions on product categories

  1. Yandex.Market does not accept the following products for placement:

    • Explosives substances and materials, with the exception of pyrotechnic products.
    • Narcotic and psychotropic substances as well as their precursors.
    • Any type of weapon, including pneumatic, hunting, antique, gas, and souvenir weapons.
    • Air rifles (of any muzzle energy).
    • Controlled medical substances.
    • Tobacco (for consumption by smoking, inhaling, chewing or other methods), cigarettes, cigarillos, cigars, and other forms of tobacco, as well as smoking accessories (pipes, hookahs, and their components, cigarette paper and filters, humidors, cigar boxes, cigar cabinets, cigar guillotines, and ashtrays), lighters of all types, electronic cigarettes, and gift sets that include any of the products listed above.
    • Goods intended for ritual use, including but not limited to tombstones, monuments, coffins, and memorial wreaths.
    • Testers and samples of cosmetics or perfumes.
  2. Yandex.Market will accept goods for placement only after the provision of documents:

    • Pyrotechnics.
    • Medications (including prescription medicines) and dietary supplements.
    • Medical products.
    • Pharmaceuticals.
    • Products structurally similar to weapons (but not souvenir weapons).
    • Intellectual property.
    • Alcoholic beverages.
  3. The following products may be advertised on Yandex.Market, but their remote sale (delivery) is prohibited:

    • Prescription drugs, dietary supplements, and homeopathic remedies.
    • Alcoholic beverages.
    Attention. Stores may now offer delivery of over-the-counter medicines (in the case that they have been granted special license).

Store requirements

Main requirements

  1. The store must sell or deliver goods in at least one of the following three countries: Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

  2. The store must have a valid legal entity or sole proprietorship registered in any country other than Ukraine.

  3. The store must sell retail goods to individuals (the minimum order does not exceed 2000 rubles in most categories).

  4. The store's operations, as well as its products and delivery conditions, must comply with the laws and regulations of the countries in which its offers are published.

  5. Stores that are not residents of Russia should not publish products on Yandex.Market that cannot be sold remotely in Russia.

  6. Orders must be completed in accordance with the terms specified on Yandex.Market (regarding prices of goods, cost and delivery time, and additional conditions), or with terms more favorable for the buyer.

    Note. Make sure that the buyer is not required to make an advance payment at the store's office for delivery by courier. Payment at the store's office is allowed only in the case of customer pickup.
Refer to the following documents for legal information regarding the placement of offers on Yandex.Market:

Store website

  • Your store's site must function stably and have high uptime. It must be free from viruses, as well as banners and pop-ups that interfere with placing an order.

  • Your site must list legal details about your store.

    Information about the legal entity
    • Full name of the organization

    • Business address

    • OGRN (business registration number)

    Information about the sole proprietor
    • First, last, and middle (patronymic) name

    • OGRNIP (primary state registration number of the sole proprietor)

  • The site must specify available payment methods and ways of receiving orders (delivery, customer pickup) as well as the cost of delivery and customer pickup.

    Note. Make sure that the buyer is not required to make an advance payment at the store's office for delivery by courier. Payment at the store's office is allowed only in the case of customer pickup.
  • The site must list the store's phone number or other contact information.

Product information and formatting

  • Each product should have a separate page on the site with its own description and image, including pricing and availability information.

  • The product page should include an order form or an option to add the product to the shopping cart (for example, a Buy or Order button).

  • Information on the site about product availability and pricing must be current and match the information on Yandex.Market. The price must be valid for any user ordering a single unit of the product.

Working with orders

Orders via telephone

The store must accept orders over the phone at the times specified on the site (for example, in accordance with the schedule of the store or its call enter). Users should have to wait no more than 1.5 minutes for a response to their calls (10 minutes if automated information about response wait times is provided).

Orders via website

Within an hour after an order is placed, the store must process the order and send confirmation to the buyer either manually or automatically. The store must:

  1. Check the availability of the product and reserve it in the warehouse or with the supplier.
  2. Reserve a time window for delivery of the product to the buyer.
  3. If the store processes orders:

    An operator must contact the buyer by phone, SMS, or email within an hour. The operator must:

    • Confirm the cost of the product and of its delivery or pickup.
    • Confirm the date of delivery or pickup with the buyer by phone or communicate it to them via an email or SMS message.

      When shipping outside your local region (for example, from Moscow to Sochi), you must provide a delivery date or timeframe. This timeframe must be identical to the timeframe listed on Yandex.Market or be within the listed times.

      For products without a specific delivery time, you can specify the maximum period of delivery (no more than 60 days).

      If you are unable to reach the customer by phone, you must inform them of this via SMS or email before shipping their order.

    The order must be confirmed during the working hours specified on the store's website (not to be confused with the working hours of the delivery service). If the site does not specify working hours, they will be automatically considered to be Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 (UTC+3).